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Postby hootowl » April 26th, 2012, 2:29 pm

I hit the woods about 45 minutes before daylight. After about sitting there about 25 minutes I started to here Birds. Never did here them Pitch down, But aftera few I started to here Gobbling, I had a Hen and Jake decoys out, I did a few soft calling, and the Birds would respond to everytime I would Call, They seemed Like they were on Fire, But they seemed like they were 2 toms, and like they were moving back and forth, But would never come towards me. I may try and get into the Back of the woods, where they were and sit up, By skirting the Field edge. But I am not real sure what tree there in and do not want to get busted. Someone told me they are probably hened up, And the hens would take them the other way when you can? Any tips from you Pro's.


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Re: Toms

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » April 26th, 2012, 8:12 pm

Not know how big your woods is, but if you can start out the day in the woods if it's open enough to see in, then work your way to the edge after a while, give it a good hour after starting time before you move out, if nothing comes. Don't use the decs in the woods, get about 50-75 yards into the woods. Soft talk is good on the roost, but when it's hit the ground time, switch to a little more aggressive calling and then soften it up, then give them a variety of calls, aggressive and softer calls. If you think these birds are henned up run a few kee kees and listen, if there are hens there they will tell you by loud clucks and yelps. A kee kee is also a good call to use if you have a jake decoy out, along with some slow raspy jake yelps and terrible sounding gobble. Don't just use soft calling, birds don't, you need to get more excited as the toms get closer, just as a hen does

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