Getting gobblers away from hens

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Getting gobblers away from hens

Postby palderm » April 19th, 2012, 2:18 pm

Tricks to lure gobblers from hens

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scott ellis1974
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Re: Getting gobblers away from hens

Postby scott ellis1974 » April 20th, 2012, 6:42 am

Sometimes the call your using strikes a nerve and none of the hen's he is hanging with is receptive to breeding anymore and he will simply break and come to you. Ofcourse there is no real way of identifying the hen's breeding status. Something that has worked from time to time over the years is slipping in super tight to a flock. When I say super tight, I mean as humanly close as possible using the surrounding cover and terrain. You do take the risk of spooking him so be careful. Once you slide in there "like a ninja", then give some softer yelping mixed with clucks n purrs. Since your so close to the tom, sometimes he will break away from the flock and come close enough to take a peak affording you a shot. Gobbling and staging a fight can often pull him in to gun range as well. One little tip is to carry a turkey wing and simulate the flogging of two tom's fighting by slapping it on your arm. Mix in your fighting purrs and gobbling along with aggrevated whines and you have created a true turkey scenario. It doesnt work evey time by no means, but when it does, they come running!

Another tatctic I like to try on a henned up gobbler is talking to the hens.
see the attached link to my T&TH video tip.

When all else fails I will put my self in their travel path and set up an ambush. Remember we are turkey hunting not turkey calling.


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