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DFG disclaimer

Postby thumper » April 6th, 2012, 12:56 pm

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One of the first lines under: Archery , Wild Turkey, "Archery hunting for wild turkeys is extremely difficult "!!!!!! I tend to agree.

I brought my hunting buddy Chuck to my secret turkey town up by my uncles house in Martinez Calif. AND WE GOT INTO TURKEYS!!!!!!
Three times as many turkeys as last year,I mean we were covered up in turkeys. Unfortunately those turkeys didn't really have a lot to worry about.
Opening day broke warmer than we had expected with no rain :D we set up two b-mobiles three hens and a jake spread around an opening on a ridge where three roads intersected. Perfect!! At daybreak gobbles were coming from up the hill and down the hill. A box call and a gobble call had all the turkeys talking back to us, OMG this is gonna happen fast. 7am 3 hens and a fat gobbler come running up the hill to the decoys, the gobbler ducked under a barbwire fence and circled around a bush ready to beat the holy crap out of my decoy. At 25yds I decided it was time to show him the shaft 8-) as my arrow left the blind it was in about a 4"corkscrew flight pattern :? then nicked the barbed wire that i forgot about and dove under the toms belly :oops: Well my buddy Chuck, while happy to see turkeys, was less than impressed with my arrow flight! I told him the good news is "its your shot". Then about a half hour later 4 toms appeared on the hill but we couldn't get them to come to us. Then the rain came and it was time to head back to the house and lick our wounds.
The rain let up around 3pm and we decided to run and gun bowhunting style? We dropped down the hill about a 1/4 mile to see if the turkeys were in the bottom? YUP 20+ turkeys all looking at us like "what are you doing here?"
instantly the carbon started flying all over the place. At least ten arrows missed their mark DOH but it was fun and we found the spot we would be in the morning.
The next mourning broke crisp and clear. We were set up with our backs against an abandoned flatbed again at the intersection of three roads again PERFECT!!! well before daybreak and the gobbles started soon after that . Then
coyote howls? At about 6:30 2 hens and a huge tom surprised us walking straight to the decoys. The huge tom was strutting in the road 15yds from us and chuck says I'm hung up? I look over and his Rage 3blade is hung up in the blind netting. So i raised my bow and attempted to draw? turns out we set up too close to the flatbed and i couldn't draw my bow all the way back because my elbow kept hitting the trailer. Panic and pure stupidity told me i could hold my elbow out to the right and still make a shot? Uhh Wrong. Never even saw the arrow or that turkey again.
After that, with time running out, we set up hiding behind some trees adjacent to a field and some olive trees where we saw the turkeys the first day. The coyotes had scattered the turkeys and there were gobbles coming from all around us. We started lost yelping and they came in from all directions. A tom snuck up on me and started putting, as I was frozen i heard a THUMP, and a turkey i never saw ran into the bush next to me and piled up!!!
FINALLY turkey down. With time running out we headed back to the house happy as can be knowing ill be back soon for round two.

i gotta check with my wife

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Re: DFG disclaimer

Postby dewey » April 6th, 2012, 2:37 pm

That is a funny disclaimer. Congratulations on the gobbler, Rio? The story was a great read and thanks for sharing it. Ahh the lost turkey call, it is awesome to use and very effective.

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Re: DFG disclaimer

Postby kygobbler » April 6th, 2012, 10:35 pm

Nice story thumper. Congrats on getting very nice gobbler.
Is it turkey season yet?

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