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Re: What decoy

Postby onpoint » March 3rd, 2012, 11:11 am

Fan Club wrote:Az-

Using a gobble call on public land is one of the most dangerous things you can do in all of turkey hunting. A strutter decoy is a bad idea here as well.

Most hunters won't approach hen calls, but almost all will go after a gobble if they hear one. If an actual gobbler shows up he might get shot at from three or more different directions.

Certainly you can see the danger involved in this scenario. Some fools, and especially inexperienced ones, will do anything to try and tag a bird, don't know or care about ethics and won't respect your position or privacy. This situation has only worsened over the years as private land is harder to find and public lands have gotten overcrowded.
This is, of course, an extreme example but public land stories abound about hunters that have been shot, decoys that have been shot, or conflicts that arise from hunters going after the same bird. Suffice to say, save the gobble call for the private land where access is limited and you know who is there and where they are.

You should be safe to gobble on your sister's ranch. ;)

Great advice Fan!! I hunted a WMA locally last year because I'd exhausted all my other places and the price of gas. Luckily, I got to on to gob who responded to a box. He was in a gully below (from the sound of him, couldn't get a visual) He was close enough that I set up with gun up, clucked and purred, scratched leaves a little and waited while waiting for him to stick his head up over the terrain break . After about 10 min. with no response, I put the gun down and scratched again. BOOM!!!! Someone down below me who never even called (at least that I could hear) took a whack at the bird. I never even heard or for that matter saw the shooter!!!! :o I was mad at first, then thankful that the bird didn't stick his head up, thus causing me to shoot down into the gully where the shot came from. This could've have easily resulted in a REAL TRADEGY that no bird is worth!!! :shock:
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Re: What decoy

Postby arrowsonly » March 3rd, 2012, 2:55 pm

I bow hunt public lands in WI & MN, I have been stalked so many times I can't remember. I use a double bull blind and no longer set up in the woods, at least on an edge & sometimes in the middle like the videos... Ya right I've only taken a couple birds since 96 no "doubles" for me !

I used motion decoys & was dumb enough to buy a hazelcreek mounted hen; I think I got the gay version though I get LOTS on pissed off hens some mornings. No more motion;they are outlawed in some states and no Tom's for sure, even my aggressive jake scared of it's fair share. I'd like to know were all these Dominate toms are that they show on the latest videos, they come in a runnin'...

I had two kids belly crawl into my set up; on a field edge but tucked in on a hump, alfalfa field to the woods Tom hagin' at 60 yards for 30 minuets, never saw them till they stood to fire as the tom flew past my blind ! 2 shots at a flying tom, we do it on gesse all the time...

From that week on I have changed my tactics, what did you expect on public lands here in WI private property is hard to come buy BIG $$

I flote call & sctatch + I have a wing thing, anybody remember them ? I wish I could find a new one, anybody want a 400 dollar decoy ?
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Re: What decoy

Postby ylpnfol » March 4th, 2012, 5:01 pm

arrowsonly wrote: anybody want a 400 dollar decoy ?

:o :lol:

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Re: What decoy

Postby retranger » March 9th, 2012, 8:15 pm

anybody want a 400 dollar decoy ?
No thanks I will stick with my $15.00 foam hen decoy. She has been faithful to me for 9 years ;)
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Re: What decoy

Postby Fan Club » March 10th, 2012, 5:13 pm

arrowsonly wrote:
I flote call & sctatch + I have a wing thing, anybody remember them ? I wish I could find a new one.

Arrows- I sent you a PM. Please advise. Thx.

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