Grilling or smoking

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Grilling or smoking

Postby donutdavid » April 8th, 2008, 6:41 am

Does anybody grill or smoke their turkeys? Would love to see some recipes for this.

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RE: Grilling or smoking

Postby Dank » April 23rd, 2008, 8:15 am

a good way to try some grilled is to cut fairly thin slices of breast (not to thin but not to thick, just experiment) marinade overnight in whatever you like and the next day take your slices place a small scoop of cream cheese and a slice of jalepeno pepper  on top of a strip roll it up and wrap it in bacon using a toothpick to hold it together and throw them on the grill. these turn out really good. i've done this with duck and deer tenderloins and they are just as good. hope you enjoy. good hunting
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RE: Grilling or smoking

Postby STEROIDCHICKEN » May 7th, 2008, 11:39 am

i experimented with some strips on the grill the other day. i cut them up and soaked them in ice water overnight. lightly basted them with bbq sauce and grilled them...they were pretty darn good.
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RE: Grilling or smoking

Postby shadow » May 7th, 2008, 3:24 pm

SteroidChicken, why do you soak them overnight in ice water?

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