Nothing but Hens

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Nothing but Hens

Postby jpb » May 2nd, 2008, 2:18 pm

I set up in a field and waited in the rain.The fog rolled in half houre after sun up and i couldn't see across the field.I never heard or saw any hens flydown.But an houre or so worth of sitting and a hen came by to check out my dec.She didnt make a sound the entire time i was watching her.At one point she was about 10yds away before walikng into the woods.Well a hen is better than a sharp stick in the eye so i hung in and waited.I saw two other hens.One on the far side of the field.And one smaller hen about half way down the field.I was hoping they would have a tom in tow but no suck luck.Never saw more than one bird at a time and they were all quiet.Im wondering if they are in the process of nesting and thats why they were silent.None of them sounded like they were looking for a tom.Oh well another day gone.

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RE: Nothing but Hens

Postby grunt_doc » May 5th, 2008, 3:13 am

That's what I've been seeing since after the opener on the 1st.  They chased the one and only tom I've seen.  If there is a boss hen around, would having a spread of 3 or 4 hen decoys piss her off enough to challange them (dragging the tom with her?).  the 1st hen was looking right at me from about 5 feet!!!  It was still pretty cool.

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