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M. Gallopavo
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RE: Choke Tube Help

Postby M. Gallopavo » May 2nd, 2008, 5:16 am

Thanks to all who replied, I really appreciate your help.  I was in Cabela's recently and picked up a box of 3 1/2" Winchester Xtended Range HD #5.  I really wanted 6s but they were out.  I'm picking up my Super X2 today and will have the factory extra full tube plus a Briley .675, a Pure Gold .670 and an Undertaker .665.  If none of them pattern the 5s well, I'll order some XRHD #6.  If I still ain't happy with the patterns, I'll pick up a TruGlo SSX .643.  Anyway, I'll post the results when I've had a chance to go shoot.


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