Saturday's Hunt

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Saturday's Hunt

Postby tracebusta32 » April 21st, 2008, 8:18 am

I took a my son and a 10 year old out Saturday morning to try and get them one of the many jakes that have occupied the area we hunt this year. We got setup in a great spot only about 60 yards from the known roost area of these adolescent birds, once it started getting light 3 of them started gobbling and the hen with them started talking. I started a fight with her and we went back in forth for a solid 10 minutes before she finally flew down 25 yards to our left. When I had originally picked the spot to get setup I thought the birds would appear from our left so I set up to the boys right so that I could video everything...of course they came out to my right that morning, all 10 of them. I had 10 jakes making there way to us at 7 a.m, the leader of the pack was coming in first and had closed the distance to about 40 yards very quickly. I had whispered to the bos to have their guns up and ready prior to being able to see the turkeys. Now with them being to my left and me videoing the turkeys coming in to the right I couldn't watch them and make sure they were being still,had guns ready etc...once the biggest one got to about 12 yards from us I slowly looked over and whispered for them to take a shot....When I looked I seen that neither boy had there guns in position in fact that had there guns laying by there sides lol. Well they attempted to get the guns up but we got busted and the birds stayed out of range feeding and gobbling for an hour or so... I'm sure next year will be a great year for 2 yr olds but this year the jakes are just killing me...we hunted the rest of the day and never heard another gobble. But we did get some great footage, and I got taught a good lesson lol
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