First Bird

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First Bird

Postby jpb » May 5th, 2008, 9:36 am

Hey Guys,
    Everything worked today.I got my first bird ever.18 lbs,9" beard,and all of half an inch rounded smooth spurs.I set up as usual early along what i call the first field.Its just now 5am and i see flashlights accross the field in front of me.Next i see a guy settin a hen out way too close for me.I signal him again with my flashligh with no luck.Out in the field i go an we have a little talk.The guys decide to head back to the 2nd and 3rd fields because they agree were a little too close for compfort.Now that thats done im set up with my hen in the field doing some soft calling.Well the other guys start calling every 20min or so and they sound better than me.Its getting to be about 7am with no birds in sight and the pot of coffe i had before leaving the house wants out.I sneek ouf of my setup area and answer the call.I really got caught with my pants down this time.Off in the woods behind the stream i hear ol Tom cat calling me.I grab my stuff and slowly cross the stream.After a few yelps im getting cut off and ol Tom sounds hot.I make my way to the Houdini Rock and take a seat after setting the hen up in a small clearing.Tom cane in within 20 min with a friend in tow.Now i have 2 birds worked up but neither will come close enough for a shot.I yelp again and through in some insults this time.I went quiet after that.These 2 birds were looking everywhere but at me for the hen.This lasted for almost 2 houres.A couple of times i thought they had walked away but would hear one calling his head off.The first bird stepped into a clearing just past 40yds or so.But his buddy came in closer.Boom, ah crap i think i missed.But,Tom is kind of laying on one side not moving.I get up and slowly make my way to him.I got to about 15 yds and he looked at me like he was saying what was that? I answered with another round.I wish i had thought to pace off how far i was but im thinking about 36 paces or so.I wish i had waited a little longer to see if he would come in closer.I do feel good about the fact he took a jeep ride tho and didnt become a Yote's meal....For my first time i a pleased with the hunt..I just have one question for everyone..How do i get this grin off my face?

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