Indiana harvest report

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Indiana harvest report

Postby Steve_In » July 17th, 2008, 5:25 pm

We had a good year this spring.  I know I did[:)].  I see turkeys in new areas all the time.
2008 Indiana spring turkey harvest report
Hunters harvested 12,204 wild turkeys in 85 of the 91 Indiana counties open to hunting during the 2008 spring wild turkey hunting season.
The 2008 harvest was the second highest harvest in 39 years. The total was 9 percent more than the 2007 harvest of 11,163 birds. A record 13,193 birds were harvested during the 2006 spring season.
Counties with the highest 2008 wild turkey harvests
-Switzerland ,533
-Jefferson, 464
-Harrison, 428
-Greene, 358
-Dearborn, 353
-Perry, 320
-Washington, 314
-Clark, 307
-Jennings, 304
-Sullivan, 303
-Parke, 302
-Lawrence, 301
A total of 956 birds were taken during the special youth weekend prior to the regular season (8 percent of the statewide harvest).
DNR wildlife biologist Steve Backs says that while the majority of the turkey harvest occurs in the southern half of the state, the turkey harvest continues to increase in northern Indiana as northern Indiana turkey numbers increase, both in total numbers and proportionally.
"This year's increased harvest probably reflects a combination of general turkey population growth around the state, especially in some northern counties, and the continual increase in hunter numbers," Backs says.
"Flooding the past 2 springs has also influenced turkey production in some southern counties along with limiting hunter access during the hunting season."
More 2008 state and county turkey harvest data:
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RE: Indiana harvest report

Postby hoosierhunter » July 19th, 2008, 8:29 am

Hey Steve, how ya doin? I've been busy this summer, so haven't been visiting the site as much as  I would like, but I'm really glad to see that you have posted the harvest info for our hoosier state. Looks like we're really coming along in both numbers of birds and hunters. I hope everyone is remembering to become NWTF members or recommit each year as such oginizations are one of the reasons for the ever growing turkey populations we enjoy. I just looked up the location of your town, as I was not familiar with the name before. Your only about 30 miles from my place, so maybe in the future we'll get together. Also I noticed the call in your pic, and that reminds methat if your a box call fan,please sign up for a free box call at Hoosier Hunter Custom Google seems to be the high speed route to get there.By the way, where did you harvest your bird from this year?
                                                                   GOOD LUCK,GOD BLESS,and STAY SAFE

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RE: Indiana harvest report

Postby Steve_In » July 20th, 2008, 4:41 pm

Thank you, Larry.  I am seeing a few birds that may or may not be living there.  I saw a single hen at Hiligas and California Rd this spring.  I am getting some scattered reports from church members of turkeys in the Chain-O-Lakes area.  There was a hen hanging around here a couple of years ago.  So they are coming back in the North east part of the state.
The box call is from OAKMAST calls.  Walnut paddle, poplar sides.  Jim treated it with some sort of hardener.  It is my go to call when I need volumne.  I had a tom all worked up down at Patoka across an arm of the res that was about 1/2+ mile wide.  I yelped and cut and he gobbled his head off.  Later that evening 2 gobblers walked by at about 60 yards, but would not play.
  I harvested my bird at Roush Lake.  My son should have scored there last year and this, but I [:o]manged to bust his bird before he could get a shot.
Jim sells on ebay as OAKMASTTURKEYCALLS.  He makes a great call.  He does not make a lot of calls each year
Steve, I love "smoked" turkey

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