When to move on

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scott ellis1974
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Re: When to move on

Postby scott ellis1974 » December 23rd, 2011, 6:03 am

GREAT advice given here! If you have plenty of land to roam about I would not waste too much time in one location, especially, during the prime gobble time at daybreak. I would cover as much ground as possible as quickly and quietly as possible. Slipping and calling the whole way on your hunt. That being said there are some mornings you just cant buy a gobble. If I have put some miles on the old hunting boots in the morning and not heard anything...I will then set up somewhere that I KNOW holds turkeys and blind call....just my two cents as well...


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Re: When to move on

Postby Bobbyparks » December 24th, 2011, 8:32 am

Lots of good idea shared here.

Like most I don't care to just sit and and wait and prefer to cover ground to find a willing bird but sometimes that just what it takes and the truth is close half of my Eastern kills have been a result of staying with a spot

It can depend on just how much property you have to work. As has-been mentioned some that may have smaller tracts to hunt kill a lot of birds by knowing where to set up and be patient

That said: for me it all comes down to scouting and knowing the property so that when those non- gobbling days occur or if they get tight lipped after coming off the roost (and they occur plenty) I have to be plenty confident and have good reason to stay with a spot.

If I'm in your shoes and don't hear anything off the limb at daybreak....I'm gonna sound off with a glass or box call or both so any bird with in a quarter to half mile can hear me...and know that there's at least one
trampy loose hen around

If all quiet at my first listening post I'll move towards other known good spots....but if all stays quiet i'll make the decision that all birds on the Western Front are quiet for now and that to move may not be in my best interest......a lot comes down to hunches and to a degree it depends on the time of season....

I like to call so if i do decide my best chance is to "Stall & Call".......I pick a good concealed set up and I call every 15 minutes.

Truth is I've felt oi would do more damage on some days by moving and as hardcas it is...I have sat and done the 15 minute call sequences for 2-3 hours...and just when you think "it's just not gonna happen
today"...he shows up. Quiet a great feeling to go from maximum discouragement and thinking you're going
home from an uneventful day to having one blow you hat off after 8-10 non eventful calling sequences....and if he sounds off there's an excellent chance you can kill him.

For the record...more than once I've spent a couple hours with a spot...got up and walked off...only to hear a gobbler announce his arrival from my tree that I just vacated and I was 200 yards away...not a good feeling....lol

The exception is out west.........it's pretty much the opposite there except for a few exceptions....it's all about covering ground andvfinding a bird...exceptions arecsome afternoons ........"Stall & Call" has worked well in Texas...Montana...and ....NM at times.....but I've hadvto do it allot less therevthan in the East
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