best time period to hunt ?

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best time period to hunt ?

Postby arrowsonly » March 6th, 2009, 5:28 am

[:D] gettting ready for the 09 season...
Can't wait to hear that fist "GOBBLE" as it breaks the morning silence!
I did not draw a tag in MN this year zone 348, I have been hunting there for 2 years and like it. I am trying to spend less this year & will camp instead of staying in a hotel. I have a great place to go in 349 were I can camp & hunt from the same spot, it's perfect except there are to many people w/guns.
There are bonus tags for 348 week E May 5th - May 9th and 349 week F May 10th - 15th...
There is no camping & 348, but I did not contact any of the land owners across the road. I could camp @ 349 and drive over to 348 it's less than 10 miles. Zero pressure, 300 acres to myself more than likely
Tuesday - Saturday... and it's Archery only
349 week F May 10th - May 15th Sunday - Friday I can camp & hunt from the same spot or hunt other places in 349 but like to stay put. A perfect spot that I have hunted there before over 600 acres...
There is camping for 6 groups, around 3/4 groups of 4 hunters max!
It depends,this season is mid week also.
What should I do [8|]
look em' in the eye before you give em' the shaft...
be a man hunt public land...

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