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Postby Mossberg835 » May 18th, 2011, 12:11 pm

Last week i went out on some property i secured permission to hunt on for my dad and i. I was excited b/c the hunting group that owns it dont even hunt turkeys, just deer, and i always hear at least 5 gobblers lettin it rip up there. Anyways, dad and i went out and got talkin with a hen for a little bit. dad had to leave at 7:40 b/c he had work to do. I kept calling and 10 minutes after he left, i looked to my right and a gobbler was standing right there. I called, he started strutting and one gobbled behind him in tjhe woods. He strutted up the hill and then i saw either a jake or a hen, wasnt sure, and then the boss stepped out only 25 yards away, but both turkeys had come out to my extreme right, and i never could switch to my left hand. The boss gobbled and strutted but wouldnt come in.[:@] The other gobbler finally gobbled when he got far away enough from the boss, and then they went out of site. Thats the first time ever i have had any turkey within 50 yards during the spring(been 6 years, started when i was 12, now im 18) because i never had a place to hunt that had turkeys, and now i do. Hopefully ill get one of them later this week when all this crappy weather ends. ah, so close but so far away, i could taste my first spring turkey, but it wasnt to be, wont give up though. Cant kill one on the coach.[:D][:D]
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RE: Almost!!!

Postby fightingspurs » May 18th, 2011, 12:40 pm

Way to go! Its always exciting to get them in close good luck Next week is supposed to be very nice and hot so they should be fired up....Scott
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