posted gobblers

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posted gobblers

Postby grizzly » April 10th, 2011, 1:11 am

After reading Mr. Hickoff article i think that i'm right to think that greed is hurting our sport there are why to many people who think just because the the deer and turkeys are on their land they own them. a case in point two guys i grew up with they were the best of friends one owns a 80 acre woodlot[we'll call him joe ]where he has food plots . the other married in to a farm family these lands boarder each other a while back joe had pictures of a big buck he took on his land well when bow season came the other guy got this buck and while he was down showing the buck to the guys joe stops in and looks at it then the buck blows his top saying you shot my buck even when he knew this guys stand is a mile away form the line now these two can't be in the same room together and why over a deer it's such a shame when we put a set antlers or a turkey's beard over a friendship[&o] wayne 

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RE: posted gobblers

Postby BigBuckeye » April 13th, 2011, 11:31 am

I hunt public land and it has scattered pcs of private land throughout. I seek permission and get politely turned down. I really enjoyed this article.
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RE: posted gobblers

Postby BluMtnGobbler » April 13th, 2011, 12:29 pm

That is a real shame. For me being out in the woods is the best place to relax and get away from everything. I hear from a lot of guys that hunt near each other and fight about game. A funny thing happened to me. In the lastseason before myson could hunt I shot the biggest buck of my life during the late flintlock season my best trophy so far. Spent the last couple of years helping and setting up my son and nephews with there firsts and when they score it makes it all worthwhile.

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RE: posted gobblers

Postby crookedspur » May 13th, 2011, 12:10 pm

I havent ran in to this yet with turkey hunting. I have seen it many times during deer hunting. I grew up on a farm so we had our own land to hunt. When we sold the farm and moved to town we had 100's of acres of city owned land (outside city limits) to hunt. We hunted this for years and nobody else hunted it (I think everybody thought since it was city owned it was considered "in the city"). We did check with the chief of police to ensure we could indeed hunt it. Well that came to an end when some jackasses decided to go mudding with their trucks on the property and tore it all up. The city then closed it off.

Now we struggle to find land to hunt. Each year we lose more and more. People have gotten the idea to lease their land to make $$. They are able to do it as people who can afford it come from the big cities to hunt it. We have tried public land and quite frankly I would rather stay home. People act nuts on the public land during deer least here in Wisconsin, Im not sure if it's the same way elsewhere. I had a bullet whizz by me 2 years ago after some idiot (who knew full well my location, he watched me walk to where I was and I was dressed in blaze orange) began shooting across a field at a deer. We have had verbal confrontations with others who feel the land is "their spot", one guy last year began yelling because we shot a doe (in a herd management unit, i.e. doe tag). I try to avoid public land as much as possible during deer season. It's really too bad and I wished I could afford to buy my own land. I remember being younger and struggling to sleep the night before the opener out of excitement. Now I dont really look forward to it much at all. Thank God turkey hunting has filled the excitement I used to experience deer hunting.

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RE: posted gobblers

Postby turkey junky » June 25th, 2011, 7:31 pm

that article was kinda a waste of a good space in T&TH mag i have never herd of anybody get n introuble for calling a turkey/deer/goose/duck from posted land!!! never herd of anybody feeling that was unethical!!! its stupid to feel that anybody would leave there hunting area just becouse the turkey they herd gobble was across the fence from wear they could not hunt!!! i allways hunt the borders of private land & public land game knows these border areas & wear they see & dont see hunters/people all the time!!! you do have to hunt for good public land spots & a lot of the time you have to put a few in a few hrs behind the wheel to get/have a quality public land hunt!!! cant expect to have a good hunt on a crowded/over hunted peace of public land!!! if ur not willing to do a little homework for a good public land hunt or wont travel a little bit for a quality public land hunt then u r doomed to have bad expearences & not look forward to the season opening!!! there is plenty of good public land hunting opertuneitys out there u just have to smarter then the next guy!!! u have to hunt the other hunters in ur area!!!

also why the article was kind of a waste of space is mr.hickoff basicly just told/tells storys in his articles not really a informitive writer! he used the same NEW YORK STATE public land WMA story twice! once in the march issue mountin gobblers (are tougher) & ageain in the spring issue calling posted gobblers!!! he has done it b4 last yr kept writeing about his opening day KY hunt with zink call guys!!! he also would just tell a story of him killing a turkey really not a thing learned from the articles!!!??? also the greg lobas we have met the enemy article was a waste or a april issue
so was his responce in the spring issue!!! that article could/should of been printed in the fall/winter or feb issues not a prime spring time turkey hunting issue!!! am i alone or wrong for feeling that way!!!???

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