Yep, another noobie gear question

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby shaman » February 11th, 2011, 5:20 am

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there arent any dumb questions, just the ones not asked.
I myself hadnt had any problems with my gun having camo, my shotgun has a grey wood finish, hasnt mattered yet. I think it would probly be best if the gun you use does not have a glossy finish. To save movey u can buy some camo gun tape.

If it's going to be a dedicated turkey gun, I suggest spray painting it with Krylon Fusion and being done with it.
1)  Fusion prevents rust-- it's like painting lawn furniture
2)  Yeah, you can get a $500 finish applied, but then you scratch it up.  Spray painting problems can be solved with a $3.00 can of paint.
3)  Nothing will ever happen to the finish of your gun.
Check out this
This is a photoplay of my first try at spraypainting a turkey gun.  The important thing to notice is how bad the tape had messed up the finish of the barrel.  Yuck!
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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby shad309 » February 11th, 2011, 6:23 am

your camo will be fine.
face net
if you dont have gloves rub mud on them
water, snacks,& first aid kit- always!!!

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby dewey » February 11th, 2011, 6:40 am

You could also roost the turkeys the night before so you roughly know where they are the next morning. If you search for roosting in the threads you will find lots of information on this skill. Also read as much as you can about decoy set ups if you are using decoys, lots of options and strategies out there on this topic as well.

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby kenturkey89 » February 11th, 2011, 9:32 am

Pretty much everything I can think of has already been mentioned, but I just wan't to reiterate what Shad said about using DEET. Just like scent control and scent spray is critical for many deer hunters, the same concept applies to turkey hunters and bug spray. I would definitely recommend you use a powerful bug spray, like DEET, and spray every inch of your camo. Apply liberally to areas such as shirt tails, waistline, collars, and cuffs and make sure your boots, socks, gloves, and hat are sprayed as well. This will make sure you're protected from all those nasty little parasites out there. Good luck hunting this season!

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby Robert Brochu » February 12th, 2011, 4:05 pm

Ha Ha my wife read that last post and commented that there is no nastier parasite than me. God can't you just feel the love? I almost gave her a beard and a pair of spurs to wear and then was going to call one of you guys!

Seriously tho, thanks for all the tips you guys have given me. I really do appreciate it.

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby Bred64 » February 13th, 2011, 12:09 pm

Like others stated here, there is no dumb questions. I too feel your camo will work fine. You just need to remember that if a turkey see's you move he's gone. Try and pick a spot with good concealment to get in, avoid sitting up in open spaces. Also remember to sit up according to wether you are right or left handed, I mean try and figure where the birds will be coming from and position yourself to where you do not have to turn to your weak side to shoot.
Your gun doesn't necessisarily have to be camo, but try and cover any shiny or glossy parts.
Take along a compass or gps, first aid kit, snacks,and I also take along some Toliet paper, well you never know.
Anyway good luck to you and be safe.[;)]

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby Cut N Run » February 14th, 2011, 1:28 am

T.P is your friend. It's better not to get caught without enough.

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby kyhareraiser » February 18th, 2011, 2:40 pm

patience,patience and then some more patience is what is very important in turkey will find yourself if you stick with turkey hunting a few years that you will run into a stubborn tom and you will have to prop up at your setup maybe an hour or so,,bur it's worth it when you here him closing in,spittin' and a drummin' and when that GOOOBBLLLEEE comes from up close hang on to your hat .lol don't feel bad about asking questions you think is stupid(as you say) because more than likely someone else wants to know the answer to but they were afraid to ask.. far as calls goes ,i prefer the box ,but you never know what's gonna hit the toms hot button ,so pick a few ,learn how to use'm  and the best of luck to ya 

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RE: Yep, another noobie gear question

Postby retranger » February 19th, 2011, 1:36 pm

I would say the only stupid question is the one you already know the answer to. Don't worry about your camo, if it is brownish and you will be in greenish don't wear it. Just BLEND IN TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS cover bare skin and be aware OF MOVEMENT. (probably most important). Lots of good advice has been stated, take what works for you!! Good luck!!
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