ONe year ago looking back...Be safe

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ONe year ago looking back...Be safe

Postby eggshell » October 5th, 2010, 7:36 am

well fellow turkey fanatics I sit here at 1:30 PM October 5th 2010 and my heart just kind of flutters and a cold chill runs through me as I remember at just about this exact time last fall I found myself in the place no hunter ever wants to be. I had just been in a hunting accident and shot through the left thigh with a broadhead. The next few hours was a fight for my life as I bled out and tried to make my way to help before that precious life giving fluid ran out. I now know how great my God is that I survived, but also that in one moment of carelessness everything in life can change and exact a terrible price.

So my plea as we go into fall seasons is safe and conscious of safety at all times. I never want to hear of another friend injured or dead from a hunting accident, help me with this wish.

All my love and appreciation to those who showed concern for me in my recovery. I am fully recovered from last fall's accident and ready to hunt again, except for one little thing. I had to go and break my right arm back in August and then had surgery on it September 2nd. So here I am all bummed up again, go figure. I still plan on calling for others and maybe even try shooting left handed with a shooting stick. Our Ohio season comes in this Saturday the 9th and runs through November, so I hope I can heal up in that time enough to shoot.

Here's to beaks in the dirt, happy hunting

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RE: ONe year ago looking back...Be safe

Postby kenturkey89 » October 5th, 2010, 9:55 am

Great message eggshell. It's a shame you had to go through such a horrific and traumatic experience like the one you described. It truly is a miracle and it just goes to show you how good the man upstairs is. Best of luck with your arm and also with the upcoming fall season!


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RE: ONe year ago looking back...Be safe

Postby grizzly » October 5th, 2010, 12:31 pm

words well spoke egg . it goes to show that god hears and sees us in our times of need and if we willing ask for his help and i to hope that all my friends here on the forum has a safe fall season[:D] wayne

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