MN fall turkey success

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MN fall turkey success

Postby dewey » October 26th, 2009, 11:37 am

A friend of mine and I went to my in laws place by Detroit Lake MN and went turkey hunting this past weekend. Saturday morning I set him up where the turkeys come out on the West side of a meadow behind the house. Of course the turkeys come into the meadow on the East side and out of gun range. So we move him to the East side of the meadow for the Saturday evening hunt and don't you know that the turkeys are on the North side of the house, he never saw them.  Unfortunately for another group of 12 hens I was set up along their path to their roosting trees and as I sat there waiting for a tom to show up after 15 minutes or so they finally turned around and start walking away from me when I droped a hen at 19 yards.  She was only 11.5 pounds but it was a good weekend of watching the turkeys and enjoying the outdoors.  I cut her stomach open to see what she had been eating and there was a lot of thiesil seed, some corn and what surprised me the most whole grasshoppers (probably a dozen or so).

Did any other fellow MN hunters have success with turkey hunting this fall?

Only 5.5 months or so until the spring hunt.[:D]

Sorry no pictures I never thought of it until I was already on my way home.

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