Scouting turns scary

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Scouting turns scary

Postby steelheadr » April 8th, 2010, 5:48 am

My brother and I have been out a couple of times before light to listen and find roosting areas.  They have changed since last year.  Well I got up to a strutter longbeard in the tree along with a jake and an unidentified.  I watched them flydown and go their way. My brother had a longbeard by him.  He radioed me and said he was coming my way.  I then saw a coyote going toward the tom. Isqueeked softly and then a few minutes later I used a crow call to induce a shock gobble.  A little later I was talking to my brother when I noticed some movement that I thought was a squirrel.  It disappeared in a dip and when he came up over the slight rise it was coyote sneeking up at me.  15 yards! I waved my arms and he didn't move.  I jumped up and yelled at him and he took off.  I guess I will carry a hand gun after this.  To end a beautiful morning a bit later the longbeard came by me at about a 100 yards.  I wish the season was open and I had some turkey calls.

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RE: Scouting turns scary

Postby swpatrkyhunter » April 8th, 2010, 10:57 am

Could have turned out bad for you. I gotta ask you though. Why did you want to induce a shock gobble? That could have sent the coyote right to the tom and if it did not kill the tom it could have spooked the tom ,and any other bird with him, away from the area. I always carry a revolver with me when I scout. Started doing this after a freind of mine and I hed a run in with an unhappy momma bear. Something to think about though. Coyotes don't generaly go after something large unless they are in a pack. Chances are if that yote was looking to make you his lunch there were more around that you could not see. Kind of like raptors. (The dinosour not the bird). Like I said. It could have been bad for you! You were lucky.
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