Opening day success for Dewey in MN

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Opening day success for Dewey in MN

Postby dewey » April 27th, 2010, 7:52 am

After Carson's, my nephew, success the weekend before I felt the pressure to get a good tom otherwise my nephew would probably give me a hard time for quite a while.  On Saturday morning I get out to the blind and get the decoys out at about 5:20 and get settled into the blind and I just sit there and listen to the woods start coming awake at about 5:50 with song birds, squirrels, loons and some near by Canadian geese.  At about 6:10 I hear the first gobble and then a couple more, I figure there are about 3-4 different gobblers near by and then I start hearing the turkeys fly down behind me and to the right.  After a couple of minutes I see 2 jakes poke their heads out of the grass not more than 10-15 feet from my blind and they cautiously walk up to one of the hen decoys.  After a couple of minutes a hen walks out from the same area as the 2 jakes.  Shortly after that I see 3 toms about 100 yards to my right scratching and just causally walking around.  The jakes and the hen finally go down the hill and join the other 3 toms.  By this point there are 7 turkeys, 2 jakes, 2 hens and 3 toms.  I notice that all of the toms are pretty comparable in size except that one is always puffed up and has a thicker beard and after 15 minutes of chasing the jakes around they start coming up the hill.  They walk up to the decoys I have set out at 15 yards.  The problem is that the 3 toms are literally so close to each other that I could easily drop 2 or possibly 3 of the toms with one shot.  Unfortunately I can only shoot 1 so I have my gun up on the largest of the toms and I am waiting for the other 2 toms to clear the main one by about 2 or 3 feet so I can get a clean shot.  Finally after about 5 minutes the 2 toms took 3 or 4 steps and got about 3 feet away from the main tom and then he ate a face full of 3" #4 shot at 12 yards.  It literally knocked him head over heels and he kicked once and that was it.  After the shot the other 2 toms spun around and looked at their friend and then quickly flew away.  The tom weighed 20.7 pounds had 7/8" spurs and a 10" beard.    Unfortunately I was unable to help my friend get his tom, we had a close encounter with a jake at Dave and Doris's farm on Saturday but he did not want to take a jake.  Saturday night we sat in the trees hoping to catch them coming back to their roosting trees but they ended up roosting in trees about 70 yards East of where we were set up.  While we were in the trees the BIG tom was strutting right next to where Darrin had his blind set up earlier in the day.  The next morning we set up on the hill hoping for the turkeys to come out to the road of death but we did not see anything.  We heard a bunch and they answered us every time we called but would not come out onto the road to investigate.  They ended up going through the meadow where Darrin was set up before, of course.  We tried to sneak up on them in some tall grass before they got some adjacent land but we were about 5 minutes too late and Darrin could not get close enough for a shot. I thought about passing on the turkey I got and waiting for the BIG turkey that is still out there.  The big one has spurs that have got to be pushing 1.5" and probably 25 pounds he is significantly bigger than the other toms I saw earlier in the year and is still alive but hopefully not for long since I have 2 more friends going up there hunting in 3 weeks. Dewey

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RE: Opening day success for Dewey in MN

Postby arrowsonly » April 30th, 2010, 1:02 am

Nice Job! Almost like a turkey hunting video...
I would not know what to to if my season ended that quick!
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