Wensday Hunt

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Wensday Hunt

Postby roughrider123 » May 5th, 2010, 2:03 pm

Another 3:30 start, long walk back into area with birds the last 2 years although I had'nt been in this year yet. Arrived at 5:20 and stood till 5:50 in gobbler silence before I stated calling crow then turkey calls to no avail. Recent years have shown an increase in the pilated woodpecker population and them hammering at daybreak on tree trunks are usually good stuff to get a gobbler fired up. No turkey sign on the jeep trail so I head back out calling along the way. At 6:30 I'm back at the car and a gobbler is blowing off 100yards up the dirt road. I need a quick decision so I cross the road onto another trail and get in front of him and set up in a hurry. Its damn thick now with beech saplings sprouting heavy in this area. I picked a spot where 25yds. was a max shot in one area. Started with clucks on the box and he blows off quick. The next 1 1/2 hours we played the game, he hung at close range twice rattling the trees but in a blind spot for me with 5 yards max sight picture. I hammered him 2 times with 2 boxes cackles,cuts,yelps,clucks and he would only come so far so I froze him out twice for 15 minuites he would shut up and stew until i would cluck and he would fire back. I had to make a change cause the road warriors are starting up and 2 cars drove by and that bird was only yards off the road. I gave him another hold out and he gobbled farther out so I made a move back down the trail. Hunt over, he either saw me or spooked at 2nd drive by. 10 minuites later 2 guys stop to call next to my car,sorry i did'nt hear nothing all morning. Tomorrow I will see if he's still around.

Roughrider out

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