Stoeger P350 Evaluation

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Stoeger P350 Evaluation

Postby hunter177 » June 2nd, 2011, 7:19 pm

I went to the range today and patterned my new Stoeger P350 12 gauge. I used a TruGlo Gobble Stopper Extreme .665 choke with 3 loads at 40 yards. Overall I love the gun. It's light, easy to clean, and accurate. My POA and POI are the same. It does have substantial recoil but there are factory and aftermarket products to help tame it. I don't have a camera to take pics but here are the numbers from my 3 patterns:

Hevi-13 "bronze" 3", 2 oz., #6, 1090 fps.
10 pellets in the vitals
81 pellets in the turkey outline
165 pellets in an 8" circle

Federal FC lead 3", 2 oz., #6, 1150 fps.
5 pellets in the vitals
54 pellets in the turkey outline
84 pellets in an 8" circle

Winchester HV lead 3", 1 3/4 oz., #6, 1300 fps.
3 pellets in the vitals
28 pellets in the turkey outline
63 pellets in an 8" circle

I made the 8" circle by tracing the outline of an 8" paper plate and all shots were 40 yards. As shown the HTL loads patterned far better than Pb. I never shot HTL loads before but I'm sold. I'd highly recommend the gun, choke, and load. Now all I need is a turkey!

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