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Postby brantleynator » October 16th, 2010, 4:47 pm

First off, I hunt on Ft Hood, Texas. It sounds like a war zone half the time with all the training going on. I've found a fair amount of turkey in one area. I watched fly down and followed them for a while. I returned to the previous roost and they were'nt there, but I heard them nearby. I went out a different day in the afternoon and there were turkeys all over. I scattered a flock in one spot that had enough sign to indicate that they frequent that place on a regular basis. They seem to follow an old tank trail near a fence. Opening day for shot gun is the 6th. My plan is to set up on the old tank trail, throw out a coulpe of decoys and make out like there is one hell of fight going on. Other than trying to bust the flock... are there any other ideas? I've seen flocked up gobblers and hens. Any suggestions?

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