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daniel ripley
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Postby daniel ripley » February 27th, 2014, 8:51 pm

I know I already posted this last year but I'm going to again and maybe get some new insight. So my question how do you scout when do you start scouting do you call at all. Thanks, Daniel

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Re: Scouting

Postby retranger » February 27th, 2014, 8:58 pm

Most fellows will tell you to leave the calls at home. In my area I hunt power lines so I walk them and look for turkey scat, tracks, scratchings etc, and keep your ears tuned. Maybe take a crow call and try to get them to gobble. Last resort I might make a yelp or two and if I get an answer I move out and check another area.
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Re: Scouting

Postby turkey junky » February 28th, 2014, 3:30 pm

daniel ripley,

90%-95% of the veterans will say no turkey calls B4 the season opens & that is good advice most the times id agree but if you make turkey sounds when the birds are on the roost you dont have to worry about them running in to your calls most the time but dont call alot especially if you dont sound real good dont want to scare them & i think thats wear alot of the dont call for the birds B4 season thing comes from...

go to a field edge & or open type hunting area & use your eyes if you are having trouble locating turkeys & sign other ways witch will take a sharp eye to pick up most times like turkey poop scratchings 1 or 2 feathers here or there ETC. find a flock of birds & dont bugger em up just watch them & let them tell you how to hunt them by let n them show you wear they like to hang out at certain times of the day come in & out of fields eat loaf aka hang out dust bath & roost ETC. learn the area u will be hunting also like wear creeks are fences open fields roads property lines ETC. that mite attract or detour turkey from coming to your calling... if you just watch the birds there is no need to call like i said let the turkeys tell you how to hunt/kill them & wear to do it...

this is not a 1-2 hour & go type thing its a hole day or maybe 2 or a WK plus type thing but its worth the effort if you want your 1st turkey in the bag & in the oven... go late in the evening to a area you know holds birds even if that takes calling a local wildlife biologist in your area & asking wear some good public land areas to start at or maybe you have a area already anyway go there at sun set & listen then do some crow calls if nothing maybe a goose call but then just wait & LISTEN thats importent then at dark if no luck do a few owl hoots & if nothing & you know there is birds around or should be do a little calling not much at all & again just listen then if all else fails break out a coyote howler B4 you leave & not just after you turkey calls wait a little & make sure they are in the roost & its dark out B4 you coyote howl...

goofy calls like pheasant crow calls & wood duck calls work for locator calls also woodpeckers peacocks silent dog whistles ive seen them all work or herd another guy use 1 to get a bird to gobble... thunder also & trains & work whistles barges all can shok a tom to gobble...

nothing beats just spending time in the woods looking sitting & listening to what the turkeys are doing if you take nothing else away from this post understand that the most it will help you alot... also its much much harder to kill or call turkeys wear you want to kill them VS trying to call & or kill them same turkeys wear they want to be already get there & wait & call a little & wonders happen...

good luck & take care hope you get you 1st gobbler this season your about due dan...

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