Some insight into the ammo shortage

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Some insight into the ammo shortage

Postby allaboutshooting » February 1st, 2014, 7:20 pm

A hot topic at the SHOT show was the ammo shortage that has hit the country. Most of the producers are literally working 24/7.

The real problem, which has not been publicly discussed, is the lack of powder available to load shells.

Frankly, there are few producers of powder left in the world. One of them, in Australia, had an explosion at their plant that put them out of business.

The raw materials producers, nitrocellulose, one of the components of smokeless powder, are again very few.

They have been trying to keep everyone in business, from large to small companies but have been forced to limit shipments. It's kind of like the local Walmart only selling a box or so of ammo to any one customer on any one day. They are trying to keep everyone in business and maybe not happy but at least mollified.

So, even though their are really tremendous demands by the Federal Government for ammo for military use and unprecedented orders for many government agencies, a major factor is the lack or available powder for even .22 loads due to the reduction in available sources world wide.

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