Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

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Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby Jrhunter25 » December 5th, 2013, 7:51 pm

What are some good blinds ( the type that lay horizontal using standing sticks, don't know exact name ) under 50$ ? Is hunting decoys easier than just calling without them ? What are some good decoys for about 30$ ?

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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » December 5th, 2013, 9:30 pm

I'm not a big fan of blinds, I have two of them and have never used one unless I'm mentoring a new hunter, mostly because they can't sit still for a long time. Anyway a hub style blind is the best because they have more room in them to set a chair in and be comfortable, but they are a pain to carry around, set up, and hear/see out of. They are useful if all your hunting in is wide open fields, sometimes that's all you have to hunt with no trees around to set up by.

Decoys...a lone feeding hen is one of your better choices, if you choose to use one. I use a decoy when hunting open fields, because a bird can see a long distance and if they don't see something where the call is coming from a lot of times they come half way in and lock up and wait for a bird to show itself. In a woods your better off not using one. Hunters try to sneak up on a bird in the woods and you may not see them or they may not see you, if a gobbler comes in, you could be in the line of fire.

I know young hunters see blinds and decoys used all the time on TV and DVD shows, but remember those guys are promoting a product, in a real hunting world they aren't necessary to take a bird, unless your filming or you can't site still.

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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby kygobbler » December 5th, 2013, 10:24 pm

The only times I use a blind is when I'm taking kids hunting also. Although I did use a blind this spring because I was hunting an open field. If you are wanting a blind look at wingsupply.com. They will have stuff cheaper than some other places.

Before you go out and get a blind let me ask this. Are you going to be hunting private land or public? If you are hunting on private land do you know where the turkeys are during the spring? If you do, then just cut down some small cedar trees and stack them at a good spot and use it as a blind. Also, check out the hunting area real good because mother nature provides a lot of natural cover, for example honey suckles. A couple of springs ago my best spot was sitting in the middle of them.

Blinds are nice to have sometimes but they can be a pain in the butt to carry around.

Decoys are not a must but when I use one I usually use a hen with a strutting jake.
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby dewey » December 5th, 2013, 11:50 pm

This is the kind of blind I have. I like this one because it has a bag that it comes in that has two shoulder straps and is fairly light and easy to setup. It can be a little difficult to take down but once you get the hang of it is pretty easy.

http://m.basspro.com/Ameristep-Doghouse ... 231/580653

I got mine a Fleet Farm a few years ago for about $50.

I used to use blinds quite a bit but the last few years I feel like I am more aware of what is going on around me when I am not using a blind.

As for turkey decoys I like using a feeding hen and or a breeding hen, hen lying in the ground with even possibly a Jake decoy with them. Like WRC said they have there times where they are useful, ie field edges, where turkeys use their sight to see the decoy or where the call is coming from. When the turkeys are coming across a distance something as simple as seeing the decoy may ease their concerns that everything is ok.

On the other side when you are in the woods or are going to be very close decoys won't do much good for you.

I have a few hen decoys and that I got for $15-$30 and they work just fine.

Good luck and keep firing away with any questions you may have.

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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby misoiltester » December 6th, 2013, 6:05 am

I use a Doghouse blind, like Dewey suggested, but the only reason is, because I won it at an NWTF Banquet :lol: As mentioned, works well with somebody that can't sit still, but a" single person small doghouse", can cramp 2, but I make mine do. I really use it most, when hunting open area farm fields and no fencerows and trees are available to set up close to or the turkeys aren't using those areas where a set up is possible. They sure work well, in the middle of a wide open 80 acre field ;)
I have different decoys I use that I got over the years, and carry and use most, a cheap collapsible hen decoy I got from WalMart.
Take your time and shop wisely and don't aquire all the extras like I have :shock:
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby STEROIDCHICKEN » January 10th, 2014, 10:53 am

Every year, it is my goal to take a child out hunting. With that being said, I prefer using a blind and a decoy. The restless child can move around and so forth without the chance of busting a bird that may be approaching. The decoy tends to keep the gobblers attention in order for the child to get into position for a shot.
Other instances when I hunt from a blind is when we are filming in bad weather....cameras don't like rain.
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby charlie elk » January 10th, 2014, 11:42 am

In the early days of Double Bull Blinds I was one of their dealers. It all started when my daughter and I met the company founders on a MO hunt while they were testing proto types. The springtime weather as usual was bad; my daughter is a weather wimp so we tested the blinds. They are great in bad weather and always very effective. Turkeys have good eyesight but it is only 2 dimensional so when they focus on a blind they can't see anything else. But I digress. Like others have posted they are great for teaching young adults to hunt turkeys because they hide nearly all movement.
However on one hunt the young man I was mentoring said he didn't feel like he was hunting, that it was boring and depressing sitting in a dark tent peering out an opening. I promptly took him out trolling for turkeys. We found some, setup in open woods with our backs against trees, gobblers came in.. But alas, he moved at the wrong times spooking the birds and after several chances did not kill a bird. At the end of the day I was thinking I had made a mistake, I was feeling bad he didn't get his bird; if only we'd stayed in the blind.
A few days later he called to thank me for the best hunt ever. This young man (12 years old) had told all his buddies about hunting without a blind and they all wanted to go out with me too.
A blind or decoy is each hunter's choice. Remember there is a lot more to hunting than the kill.

A buddy of mine who's prime/only motivation is to kill a turkey every season uses a layout blind like goose hunters use. He puts it out in a field along with a single hen decoy where he frequently sees turkeys and he always gets his gobblers with very little calling. He focuses mostly on waylaying gobblers.
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby shaman » January 11th, 2014, 5:45 am

Whatever works, works. I've spent a whole lot of my life with my back to a tree, but some of my toughest battles with the birds have been done sitting at the door to an old barn or holed up in my deer blind. It all depends. What I've experienced is that unless it is raining, I prefer to be out. That may mean a natural blind, or a quick piece of camo between two trees-- whatever. When it rains, I like a roof over my head. That may be one of the barns, one of the deer blinds or a pop-up. My least favorite way to hunt is in a pop-up, but I will use it on occasions where I know rain is coming. Even then, if I have a chance to go to one of my deer blinds, I'll probably opt for that. The pop-up is too confining and takes too much effort to set up and break down.

As to decoys? The middle part of my turkey hunting career was filled with decoys. I felt like having at least a hen at the back door would help seal the deal. Then about 7 years ago I decided to that my dekes were starting to look a bit frayed, and I was thinking about buying a new lot of them, and it dawned on me that hunting with decoys had not done all that much. I tried going deke-less that year, and had better than usual luck. I'd ditched the dekes ever since. I'm not going to say they are wrong, but for me, they reduced my effectiveness.

I agree with y'all about kids and blinds. It was great when I could put one of my sons in there with me when they were small. I've got little Mooselette coming along. She's going on 2 now. I suspect she and I'll pull a lot of time in that pop-up in the coming few years.
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby retranger » January 12th, 2014, 8:49 pm

I have one of the ameristep dog house and usually will set it up where I know turkeys are or travel by. We do not have a lot of farm land it is mostly woods. I use the blind during bad weather, other than that I am propped against a tree. Like mentioned the dog house is something to fold up :evil: but once you get the hang of it ,,its real easy. ;) I also have the brick house which is the hub type blind and I prefer that over the dog house, much easier to set up and take down. ;) It has a bag with carrying straps also and about the same weight. I like what folks have said about decoys. I have a foam hen I have had for about 6 years. Got it cheap and she is beat up pretty bad but still is serviceable. You don't need a $ 50 decoy, the $12-20 ones work just fine.
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Re: Turkey Hunting with Blinds and Decoys ?

Postby J Hook Max » January 16th, 2014, 3:33 pm

If your goal is to kill turkeys , both will help you. If your goal is to become a better turkey hunter , leave the blinds and the decoys at home. Learn to rely on your calling and woodsmanship and you will become a much better turkey hunter.
You will have a pretty sharp learning curve to overcome and there will be times when you wish you had your blind or a decoy , but in the end you will have many more turkey hunting skills.


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