2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

The general page for the annual turkey hunting contest. Tons of fun even if you're not on a team.
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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby ads1 » June 18th, 2013, 9:09 pm

BluMtnGobbler wrote:I had a jake, gopherlongbeards got 2 mature toms, didn't here from cat396,ads1got 3,

I don't think it really matters but according to our team thread cat396 got 2 mature toms. What I really enjoyed this year was the interaction with team members. This was my first year and I learned a lot from the pros. Thanks to all. :D

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby BluMtnGobbler » June 20th, 2013, 7:23 pm

It really doesn't matter to me, All for fun. I'm was just glad to participate, meet team members and get to know fellow turkey hunters.I 'd like to thank everyone who helped put this contest together and I hope to do it again next year.And as a member of team three I apologize for any confusion on the posts,I thought we had a team captain, but I guess we didn't I should have stepped up. Once again I apologize!

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby Cut N Run » June 20th, 2013, 9:03 pm

I was so thrilled to have birds to enter this year, I don't know what. 2012 was a rough season for me all the way around. I hope that never happens again. Tag soup doesn't wash down humble pie very well.

Congratulations to the winning team and everybody who took the time to participate.

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby DonMcJr » June 20th, 2013, 11:02 pm

We are all winners!

I think the rules were "Every Team Member gets a Tom to win" and "if 2 teams tie then second birds per member are tie breakers toms 1st Jakes 2nd"...

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby misoiltester » June 21st, 2013, 6:34 am

WillowRidgeCalls wrote:Next Time we run the contest we need to revamp the rules just a bit. We need to make sure Every Team has a Captain, or the Team Score doesn''t count. The Captains need to have every team members contacts, names, email, phone, some way to get ahold of them. When posting birds for the Contest, *All Birds* need to be posted in their teams area, otherwise they don't count for your team, this year we had birds posted in the teams area, the general discussion, different states threads, all over the site. Each Team needs to have a Score Card posted in their team area and kept up to date on members that took birds for their team, and birds for the contest need to be posted by a certain date. It makes keeping score a lot easier for the team and finding out who won the contest. If any bird is posted in another teams area, then that bird counts for that team.
If we still have this problem of guys that can't get back on, that's why we need more than one way to contact a member. It makes it easier for anyone to go through and keep score of the teams.

Good point Scott .. I totally agree.

I don't shoot jakes, and there fore they get a free pass, so sorry bout' my luck, if a team wins by shootin' a jake :lol:
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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby turkey junky » June 21st, 2013, 11:10 am

i agree its all for fun if there was prizes for the winners i would see the multi ways of contacting somebody coming into play but for a fun on-line forum contest i dont see the need its all for fun... same goes for posting the pics,storys & bird on the state you shot it in the general forum thread & also post it on the team you belong to as well dont see the prob with that??? i do see the bird not counting if you cant figure out you have to post it on the team thread 1st??? thats just dumb not to do so if you want ur bird to count for your team... when prizes come into play it does take the fun out of things as there is always a cry baby that is mad if they dont win 1st prize there always a pain in the A**!!!

but as for eggshell leaving the NWTF 25 yrs ago & not re-joining all due to 1 chapter being cry babys & sore losers thats a shame you dont have to be involved with a specific local chapter to contribute to the NWTF & wild turkeys across the country??? i didnt like the hole WE ARE WRITE & U R WRONG FEELING i got when around a bunch of MN NWTF local chapter guys they were everything im not as far as a turkey hunter goes!!! they were game hoggy 5 day a yr turkey hunting know it all pros gods gift to turkey hunting that collected calls they will never use & that coasted more then my gun & they could barely use & they maybe hunted WI or 1 other state a YR fully guided & trying to tell everybody this is how you r supposed to turkey hunt with high priced trucks guns bows pop up blinds & full mounted feathered decoys & all the other top notch equipment you can get & also always use a guide when in a new out of state area turkey hunting or you will not be successful in the turkey woods each spring & or should not even be called a turkey hunter in there eyes/book... i was younger then & my storys & or words were not listened to very well i bet they thought i was lie n when i said we always seem to do good on public land DIY hunts in strange places there 1st question was well how many turkeys have you shot then!!!??? told em over a dozen or so they said well thats about as many as i have!!! & when you go & find a place in a new state all on your own & call up the turkey there all by-yourself then you have done something to brag about!!! like my father had called in & held my hand on every turkey hunt i was ever on??? at that time & still to this day i had only had help on 2 turkey hunts my 1st turkey ever killed a jake & my 1st mature gobbler ever killed witch was my 3rd ever turkey all hunts after that i was on my own or helping others get a bird!!! i told them that same thing & that if it was not for me the youngest turkey hunter in my family at the time that we would of never hunted another state except MN & that i was the guy in my hunting group to find the state we will be hunting each spring & also the public land spots we will hunt &the camping areas when we plan a out of state turkey hunt each spring!!! & i told em i went on a few out of state merriams hunts with a friend for a wk each at like 18 & 21 there story changed after that!!! then they went into full bore pump me for public hunting land info & wear was i hunting staying around questions
thinking i would blab away & try & brag to them that never happened i gave general info when i was honest & lied about the rest & they could tell i assume as they said you really have hunted turkeys for awhile you wont just give up your hunting spots very E.Z.

any way after that encounter with a local NWTF chapter i new i wasnt a local chapter guy but i loved wild turkeys so i still joined the NWTF & im still a member till this day... i give anybody that says & acts like they are really into turkey hunting flack if there not members as the NWTF has had major effects on all our turkey hunting throughout the country well actually north america to be honest with out the NWTF there would not be nearly the amount of wild turkeys in our home states & many states would not have turkeys or not a hunting season if they did with out the help of the NWTF... we need all the help we can get in the way of obtaining PUBLIC LANDs to turkey hunt on across america & the NWTF is helping in many ways to ensure we all have a place to hunt wild turkeys in the future we also need to do our part as a 99% public land hunter my-self my membership dues is the least i can do to give back... even if you only hunt private lands you should try & help as i bet the NWTF released or helped release them turkeys into your hunting area at some point at least in most states out side the deep south at least... lets all do our part & join the NWTF if we have not already plus with the END of T & TH mag you will get a copy of turkey country every other month when you join the NWTF its nothing like T & TH was but its better then not being a member & or not have a turkey hunting mag to read B4 each turkey season & after to get us through till the next spring turkey season starts up again!!! lol

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby eggshell » June 21st, 2013, 12:07 pm

Don't get me wrong about supporting the work of the NWTF or related causes. I just don't pay membership dues which goes for non habitat or biological causes. Actually almost all if not all the turkey reintroduction would of still have been done and was done in Ohio without the NWTF. Our program started int the late 1950s and early 60s. The NWTF showed up in 1973 and i had already shot my first turkey. I have supported the fund raising banquets, but mostly I donate directly to Ohio division of wildlife (an option on our state taxes). I have more than a casual knowledge of the NWTF's methods and operations since I have personally known administrative staff, board members and spent 31 years as a Division of Wildlife employee. Their money follows the politics of each state agency's administrations and the money is not always spent evenly for all outdoorsmen and women of the state. We often look down on our state agencies as not doing enough, but I promise you they work hard to provide for outdoor enthusiast and in the realm of the wild turkey I truly believe the work would have been done with or without the NWTF. It may have not been as flashy and yes there would probably be a little less land, but I am confident we'd still be hunting turkeys today in the same context.
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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » June 21st, 2013, 12:38 pm

The suggestions I made for some rules changes were made to help run the contest easier, not to make it a more problemed contest. Being able to conteact members in more than one way is just that. With the problems we've had with people not being able to get back on, Jim included and him running the contest, we would all be sitting here waiting to see what happened in the contest, no one would know? Posting your birds in your Team Area, is almost a must, if you want your bird counted. We had a few birds posted just in the General Area and not in your teams area, so someone trying to figure out who took birds and what team they were on, it's difficult if you have to search the complete site trying to find if someone posted their birds on it. A Score Card is also very important, that way we know who's on what team and if they took a bird that year? We had a few guys post bird pics of birds they took on the site, but were they on a team? It save a lot of trouble in the end when figuring the final team scores out. All I was doing is trying to make the contest easier, not trying to make it difficult and less fun, just easier, the simpler it is the more fun it is!!!

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby BluMtnGobbler » June 21st, 2013, 6:48 pm

I agree with Scott

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Re: 2013 Spring Turkey Contest Results

Postby ylpnfol » June 22nd, 2013, 11:03 am

BluMtnGobbler wrote:I agree with Scott

ditto, do we have a new organizer for next year.... ;) [ only if jim doesn't want to or can't, of course ]

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