Strange year!

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Strange year!

Postby ticklishtompro » May 6th, 2013, 10:48 pm

This year has so far been a lot of ups and downs. The 3rd season we scored big, getting 4 birds in less than 24 hours. This past weekend, thee birds gobbled their heads off while on the roost, gave some courtesy gobbles on the ground for a while, and the hens were loud and vocal. It made for some great time in the woods. Unfortunately no birds met their maker this weekend. I took out a newbie who never hunted anything in his life. He is now officially hooked. He thought being in the woods and listening to it wake up was awesome. The weather was great, and I think the best hunting is going to be the last 2 seasons.
I am finally starting to see some lone hens looking for nesting sites, but still a lot of large groups of birds.
This weekend I get the pleasure of hunting with Mr. Lovett, hopefully the birds will not suffer from lock beak like they did last year. Although I still think that was because they caught wind that he was coming to town and they were trembling in fear. So I have tried to keep his arrival hush hush to keep them in the dark.
The last season we get to try to do a repeat from 3rd period, as the same 4 of us all have tags. The Ticklish Tom Team will be out in full force!!

Hopefully I can get a few more kills on video, as I have really enjoyed filming the hunts, and wish I had started doing it sooner. Good luck to the rest of you as we go into the final stretch!

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