finally gettin started!

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finally gettin started!

Postby Gopherlongbeards » April 23rd, 2013, 9:35 pm

6 hours from now and I'll be waking up to the first 4 AM alarm of the spring :D. gonna need the snow camo, but I don't care. Birds better watch themselves :D

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Re: finally gettin started!

Postby ads1 » April 24th, 2013, 7:10 am

OK, go get one for Team 3!!! You should have fun and for sure be able to "chill out". :lol:

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Re: finally gettin started!

Postby BluMtnGobbler » April 25th, 2013, 6:50 pm

Good luck, get one for team 3. Our season starts saturday,unfortunately I have to work. Tried getting out of it but didnt win that one. I haveto wait til thursday. Brian :(

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