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Postby turkey junky » April 21st, 2013, 6:54 pm

well guys i got back from my OK KS SD turkey road trip & well lets just say it was a bust at best!!! lol well everybody shot birds so it was not that bad but it was nothing like we expected & nothing came EZ on this trip!!!

the trip started off great in OK with a day of scouting & put n birds to bed for opener my father & i were pumped he seen a bird fly down & fly up & pass by a nice big cottonwood tree both times so he thought he had a bird in the bag opening day! i herd & seen birds in a area i wanted to try for over a yr so i was happy as well... long story short my dad never seen or herd that bird he patterened the day prior ever again but i was on birds all day opener so i took my dad with the 2nd day & after a me sit n from sun rise till 2:00 in the same patch of black walnut trees tore up with turkey scratch n & tom/hen poop we finely scored a nice OK rio longbeard well my dad did he went back to van for lunch & snuck back with a decoy just in time for the flock of birds i had called acros 2 fences onto public land had just gone out of site i crawled out put the hen decoy out & got ready & started to kee kee run & lost yelp to the flock soon gobblers & hens came out the woodwork & crossed another fence & set up shope just across a fence in some sage brush but on public land all my dad had to do was crawl out the walnut trees & get ahead of the slowly moveing birds as i called they drifted past me & over to my dad wear he shot a dandy longbeard the biggest of the wk-end & trip!!! i was on turkeys every day in OK & had the safety off 3 maybe 4 times just didnt want to roll a bird i sat under a roost tree i mean under it as birds flew up i sat on a pile of turkey poop 4 inches deep not soft just a old generational turkey roost with feather all around on the ground & stuck in tree branches 10-15 feet up in trees same with turkey poop lol i was in there bedroom they just came in from the back door & i never seen a bird till they fly into my tree it was so cool!!! 1 of my OK buddys limited out while out there so we were happy & like i said i was on birds the hole time just didnt shoot but i was one of my best turkey trips ever!!! way better then KS

i got sand kicked in my face from the opening day of the OK season till the MIN really i was driveing out & seen a long beard strut n in a buddys camp that was now empty & he busted me with ease as i tried to ambush him in the 40-50+ mph winds!!! when i left OK itn was 37 degrees & spit n rain & snow so i pointed the van north towards KS & prayed for better luck!!! well after the 6 hr drive my van was 1 big iceicle when i pulled into the hotel for a good nites sleep we had been rough it camping in OK so a shower & bed was much needed!!! beleave me it was !!! we were to meet my cousin there but he had car trouble & had to stay in omaha NE while the weather passed & his car was fixed!!! he arrived on wed KS opening day & so did some fresh snow & ice!!! we waited till 2:00 to head out & like i said B4 long story short my cousin & dad called in 6 long beards after we pulled up to a WIHA that a local was leaveing from he said they are down there on the road but wont come to calls well they came to my dads call near roost time & 2 were shot & wounded my cousin ran his bird down my dad was not so lucky so they only ended up with 1 longbeard out of 6 man i wish i was with i stayed in the car as it was rain/sleet/snowing & i was tired as all get out after the OK hunt & drive from OK in bad weather!!!

my father rolled 2 birds in KS & got skunked on the KS trip i was able to call up & harvest 2 jakes well 1 jake i gave the other jake to my cousin as we both shot the bird at same time & he wanted to use his tag on it to say he got 2 KS birds so i let him do it & saved a tag for my-self lol we walked miles B4 we got them birds really in the 3-4 days B4 we got them jakes we had to walk into WIHAs 0.5 to 1.5 miles 1 way to get to these WIHAs as the dirt roads in KS are well beyond words after a rain or spring snow it hard to walk in the mud the roads makes let along drive down em!!! so after roughly 9-12 miles walked in 3-4 days the 1st group of gobbling legal turkeys that came into range were toast & we smashed them 2 jakes fast & EZ it was a group of 3 jakes 1 tom & they had come from a private land field wear we had seen at least 35-40 birds the nite b4 so we were sure there were plenty of birds left if we took 2 jakes out the flock... we had to walk the hole WIHA to locate & work these birds my dad had seen cross a road into the wiha we were hunting & b4 we got them to commit we had seen these birds & just barley missed cut n them off as the crossed a fence onto private land wear they were safe!!! it was a nice way to end the trip... but we stayed 1 more day after i roosted another flock of birds not far away on the same wiha the weather turned to crap with rain & 40+ mph winds so we headed for home around 1:00 pm after a un eventfull morning hunt!!!

oh you may see i didnt mention SOUTH DAKOTA in my hunts for this trip sorry guys we canceled our SD prairie unit hunt due to 14-17 inches of SNOW that fell on our SD prairie hunt unit!!! not a few inches but over a FOOT OF SNOW was just to much for us to deal with KS got 5-6 inches of snow but melted in like 2-3 days so we had to weigh our options go to SD a state we had never hunted B4 & go there with over a FOOT of snow on the ground or we could stay in KS & try to get more birds??? it was a no brainer for us & we stayed in KS... only thing that blows is SD makes you buy the turkey tag B4 the season & that ran us all 100.00$ so we pretty much burned a 100 bill this season applying & buying a SD turkey tag man they know how to get there $$$ in SD boy by any means lol,,, we will most likely head west to SD prairie unit in late may as we already brought our tags so its just gas $$$ & a 7 hour drive so hope the weather gets better same time soon B4 the SD turkey season ends may 19!!!

my brother is on his way back from a SD black hills turkey hunt wear he was battling over a FOOT OF SNOW as well but he scored a jake today & should of had a tom this am but had to settle for a jake talk about last MIN he was leaveing at 1:00 & got the bird at 12:00 i think so he was happy!!! guess he missed a tom & rolled 1 so he was on birds just felt like a fall turkey hunt he said a foot of snow & very few gobbles untill today...

im heading for a 3 day hunt to SE MN wear i cut my teeth turkey hunting im not sure if im going to buy a tag for this time period as in MN we only get to hunt 1 5-7 day hunt period each season & i drew a season B 4/22 - 4/27 hunt tag but if i dont buy it i can buy a tag to hunt late may when the weather will be better & more stable as im still sore from the last snow i had to shovel 2 days ago man this spring in MN blew chunks its still rain/sleet/snowing now as i type!!! i had shrots & sandles on in OK!!! & came back to 8inches of snow in MN god this spring sucks A**!!!

anyway i may try to head back to KS to fill my last tag if we get birds in SD in late may that is if i have the time & $$$ sorry to dissapoint guys 1.5 jakes is all i was able to harvest on my 3 state turkey road trip!!! im bummed out!!! ill never plan a trip B4 i watch the weather for the days ill be out travel hunting!!! this weather wrecked our hunt!!! spring snow storm WANDA wrecked my hunt that witch!!! lol thats my story & im stick n to it!!!
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Postby Gopherlongbeards » April 21st, 2013, 8:48 pm

Well at least you got some good stories out of the trip TJ! Congrats to your dad, sounds like he bagged a couple nice birds. After listening to yours and Dewey's stories I'd like to try the KS rio thing some day I think. I ended up postponing my SD trip until May as well. Looks like cold and rainy for you in SE MN Monday and Tuesday, although Wed-Friday look good. Snow should be mostly gone down there by now as well. Good luck if you decide to hunt. I hit the woods for the first time Wed morning over in WI unit 4. I think this is the latest I've ever waited for my first hunt of the year and it's killin me.

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Postby dewey » April 22nd, 2013, 12:01 am

Sounds like you got to deal with some angry turkey gods TJ. At least your dad did well.

Gopher when you are ready to go to Kansas for some Rio's let me imo as I could point you in the right direction.

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Postby turkey junky » April 22nd, 2013, 2:14 am

all i can say is F spring snow storm wanda she messed my hole trip up!!! lol we blamed wanda for everything muddy roads crunchy snow make n a quit approach impossible even to many hunters on 1 wiha as it forced all the public land hunters to all hunt the same accessible wihas from paved roads or long walks she was to blame!!! lol

i messed up enough chances that i should of had plenty of birds but it just was not ment this season!!!

all i can say gopher is go west & go to KS & NE if you have the chance rios are so much fun to hunt cuz there is so damn many to play with i would go & will go to KS every spring id rather hunt KS then MN honestly... it is a must go!!!

my brother says there are still plenty of birds in the SD BH he got his jake today well yesterday after rolling a tom if i was a foul weather hunter id go to SD BH my brother was a black hills vergin & basicly had to walk to forest land from his cabin to hunt as the roads were bad & he was on plenty of birds i will go there were he hunted either on my may prairie unit SD hunt or next yr & do a WY SD hunt he said it was turkey central no need to roam endless roads or miles wear he was & thats how i want to hunt em find the concentration of birds & wear they want to be & hunt not on a endless search for nomadic birds... thats hard work lol...

ill send you a email dewey i had some locals point me to some greener pastures in KS i think down around wear you hunt in KS just want to throw a few town names out & maybe see if im on the write path to more turkeys in KS it wont get much better then wear i hunt but you never know till you go look??? ill ask the KS upland game bird biologist also & get a feel for the area as well

on the worst spring i can remember KS was still worth the trip hard hunting or not they still have a load of turkeys & are fun to hunt damn near anyday outside of the 50-60+ mph winds that prairie can produce man that wind sucks!!!

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Postby charlie elk » April 22nd, 2013, 9:26 am

dewey wrote:Sounds like you got to deal with some angry turkey gods TJ.

Bad news when that happens, for sure.
Must have been all those negative snow comments you made... :lol:

Well TJ, these are what we old timers call character building hunts. Did you happen to need any more "character"? ;)

After all your Dad has been through I'm glad to hear he got some birds. Kudos to you for hunting with him. One of the best things a son can do. I salute you.
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Postby turkey junky » April 22nd, 2013, 4:31 pm

yup the turkey gods were pissed at me!!! lol i really need to get some knee pads if im going to be crawling around as much as i did in KS even OK i could of used them!!! the turkeys were using vast open areas & slite hills that were bare i was with in 70-80 yrds of toms a good half dozen times on the trip i just could not move any closer & or get them to take a few more steps it was still fun!!!

even the last day in OK the temps went from 47 to 37 in like 4 hours & was 40+ mph winds & sleet rain man it sucked but i still had 2 solid chances at birds 1st the story i forgot to mention was the last day morning hunt in OK i was set up at a turkey crossing on a fence line wear i had seen turkeys cross 6-7 times on the trip so i figured id wait in ambush with 2 decoys but that day was by far the worst & most wind filled of the trip i mean the 1st 3 days we had 65-74 degree temps with maybe 20 mph winds but that last evening & morning were 45-60+ mph winds so the bird roosted in a nice cottonwood bottom were the had not the past 3 days so while i was sit n out naked in the sage bush along the fence doing my best to be a wind break i herd a gobble & thought i should go sit by dad on the fence then the birds came in the back door along the black walnut fenceline wear i was calling from when my dad got his birds & near a 20 yard by 20 yard turkey scratch feed line thats wear my dad was sit n kinda day dreaming looking out into the open wear the birds were supposed to come from! well i was looking at the 3 toms walking up behind him & he was looking at me look at him so when the 3 turkeys went out of view near wear my dad killed his turkey i maid a 100 yard dash to the fence-line along the black walnut trees that were planted like a wind break that my dad was sit n along i was now at a T along 2 fences the 1 i was sit n in out in the open all morning & the 1 my dad was on now we were 40 yards apart now & he still did not see the turkeys yet but seen my head 1st baseball slide into the fence line & now laying prone & trying to breath move to try to cut the birds off b4 they busted him daydreaming he later admitted LOL but he then got his gun up the birds were like 60-65 yards out but through a screne of mini black walnut trees & i was bob n & move n my head all over to find the birds & a hole to shoot through when 2 birds came into view i did not see the gobbler i was focused on when i maid the mad dash so i craned my neck right then left & then a little more left & there he was look n at me but he followed the other 2 birds closer to my dad but he kinda turned away slitely & thants when i got on my knee 2 see better & he fixed his wings & putted away slowly wrecking my last morning hunt in OK for good!!! bummer kicked in the balls again & then my dad said thats what u get for trying to cut me off & laughed id did also & ran back to break camp b4 the rain/sleet rolled in!!!!

also just 30 min B4 my dad snuck back after lunch & killed his OK bird i had a satalite gobbler come in & sneak by me at like 65-70 yards & spit drum & gobble in my face for about 5 min & he smelled a rat & crossed the fence to join the turkey party across the fence near wear my dad would later shoot a bird!!! also did i mention i seen a tom breed a hen out in that turkey party in the wide open sage & yucca field i think he mated 2 hens but only seen the 2nd attempt to breed her or 2nd hen being breed as at that time the the sneaky gobbler & another about 100 yards out were moving into my calling then i looked out to the field & seen that breeding flock come over a rise so i was watching 3 groups or at least 3 toms at same time & damn near missed that tom mount the hen it was cool as well a once in a lifetime thing to me...
after he breed her all 3 toms were out in the field they came closer & the breeding flock came across the fence into my field & worked away from me thats when the old man came back from lunch & we poped a decoy out & i started to kee kee run & lost yelp & i posted the rest on the prior post my old man maid a sneaky move along the black walnuts to cut off the birds & shot his nice tom...

thanks charlie yes we hunt together alot almost to much as we always blame each other for what ever goes wrong lol but i was as happy as if i got a bird in OK when he shot that bird i had found the spot & wanted to try it for like a YR so when it payed off he long walk back the van with the turkey over my shoulder felt like a walk in the park!!! our buddys from OK we met there the yr B4 were as happy as i was for my dads success in OK!!! we also got a invite to hunt on a nice cattle ranch in south central Ok next yr & then head west to our RIO GRANDE area out in western OK i may do that??? fly down & hunt a a while in OK then head home or north to KS like i did the past 2 yrs??? them OK boys want to join me on a out of state hunt so i just have to wait & see what next yr has for us in OK turkey country very nice people out in OK we have met so i will be back for sure i mite add TX to the hunt list or NM as they are kinda close by so??? any way thanks for the kind words guys heading for SE MN on wed morning wish my old man & i luck we need it !!!

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