Allen Jenkins custom box call.

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Allen Jenkins custom box call.

Postby spitten and drummen » April 3rd, 2013, 1:00 pm

Just received my box call from mr Jenkins. It is a mahagony one sider built very similar to the lunch fool proof. In case you don't know Allen worked for mr m l lynch and bought the company from him. Eventually allen sold the company in the 80s and the new lynch production calls suffered greatly. I have a old lynch fool proof from the early 70s that has been the demise of many old toms. My point is if you want a great call you should check him out. He is also making that same design In a cocabola and few teak as well. Trying to find a call like that you got out of the old lynch boxes were hard but I'm glad I found him and he still makes it only under his name and custom tuned by him. Just wanted to share this with anyone that's interested.
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