how much is to much

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RE: how much is to much

Postby onpoint » March 9th, 2009, 9:16 am

I almost forgot. North Dakota doesn't even allow non-residents to hunt. I found this out when I was trying to swap a quail hunt for a turkey hunt with a guide up there. He said it's sad because it cuts him out of a whole other guiding season.

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RE: how much is to much

Postby Fan Club » March 9th, 2009, 10:40 am

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Louisiana and Mississippi have played a little oneupmanship with each other over Louisiana's fishing and Mississippi's hunting licenses.

The only winners of these "border wars" are the state's coffers. The unfortunate loser is the hunter or fisherman.

Check out this ditty from the Missouri Conservation Dept. website in 2002. I came across it while investigating the escalating cost of non-res permits-

Missouri Nonresident Deer and Turkey Hunting Permit Prices Increase
"Out-of-state hunters will pay more for Missouri deer and turkey hunting permits this year. Those from states that impose the highest nonresident permit prices on Show-Me state hunters will pay even more.
The Missouri Conservation Commission voted to increase nonresident deer and turkey hunting permit prices by $20. The Commission action was in response to complaints from Missourians that they have to pay more to hunt in other states than nonresidents do here. "The difference in fees sort of makes it seem as if hunting deer and turkey in Missouri is less desirable than in bordering states," said Conservation Department Director Jerry Conley. "That's not true. Our deer and turkey hunting are top-notch, and many Missourians resent the difference."
The Conservation Commission approved a $20 increase for Nonresident Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145), Nonresident Archer's Deer Hunting Permits (from $100 to $120) and Nonresident Managed Deer Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145). The Commission also added $20 to the cost of Nonresident Spring Turkey Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145) and Nonresident Fall Turkey Hunting Permits (from $75 to $95).
Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma charge significantly more for their nonresident permits than other states around Missouri. To take this into account, the Conservation Commission voted in January to tack a $25 surcharge onto nonresident deer permits for those states' residents. Both the $20 across-the-board increase and the $25 surcharge go into effect July 1, when 2002-2003 fall deer and turkey hunting permits go on sale."

Is that idiotic or what? If they thought that "the difference in fees somehow made it seem as if hunting in Missouri was less desireable", I wonder how much more desireable the nonresident hunters found it after they got hit with $20 fee hike and slapped with a state specific $25 surcharge on top of that?

I should point out that Missouri non-res fee has since gone up another $30 to $175. Tossers.
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RE: how much is to much

Postby onpoint » March 10th, 2009, 10:10 am

Just came across something else!!! I was goinig to buy my Florida license on line and noticed that non-resident turkey hunting prices are outrageous. The 10 day non-resident is only $46.50, but the turkey permit is $100!!!!

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RE: how much is to much

Postby benhanson » March 13th, 2009, 11:42 am

I would love to go and hunt with friends out there and just call, but Iowa has a STUPID law. To aid in the hunt you need to have a valid license. You cannot even go with them if you dont have a license.

i live in iowa and hadn't heard of that law

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RE: how much is to much

Postby alawaddlwhkr13 » March 13th, 2009, 5:04 pm

its all getting too out of hand.i know its good that some proceeds from the purchase of non-resident hunting liscenses go to benefit the majority ,but when the majority of people cant afford to go out of state it becomes rediculous.i just belive there shouldnt be a non-resident liscense.i believe people would travel more and aide the economy without the astronomical non-resident fee
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