First timer.

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Re: First timer.

Postby dewey » February 25th, 2013, 10:43 pm

ShepleyC26 wrote:if you're thinking of getting serious...invest in a quality turkey vest. my first few years i didnt have one and now it comes with me everytime i hit the woods. it holds everything i could possibly need, while making them quietly and limited movement accessible

Welcome to the T&TH forum and good luck this spring. I think your first couple of times out just try to limit the 'oh crap I can't believe I just did that' moves.

I would recommend that when you go into the field get there early and figure out where you are going to set up and then place dome kind of markers such as sticks in a semi circle pattern at your maximum comfortable shooting distance. This way if the turkey comes into that circle you know he is in range.

I would also recommend getting the Super Elite 3 turkey vest as it has a built in seat and tons of pockets for everything you might need.

Go out scouting before the season to get acquainted with the area you will be hunting as you would hate to get lost in the first day of your hunt.

If possible go roosting the night before as that will help you be in close proximity to the turkeys the next morning.

There are a LOT of good turkey hunters here and everyone are very willing to help with any questions you may have.

Be safe and enjoy the hunt whether you are able to harvest a gobbler/Jake or jot.

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