Mt turkey hunt advice

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Mt turkey hunt advice

Postby mtturkey » February 18th, 2013, 9:16 pm

I have some property that has easily 250 turkeys on the neighboring property's will I have much luck putting up a decoy and calling or will they be to busy with breeding with other turkeys

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Re: Mt turkey hunt advice

Postby Steve_In » February 19th, 2013, 9:11 am

With that many turkeys in the area I would think some would spill over onto the property you hunt. Is this a winter flock? If it is expect them to disperse into the surrounding area. The only way you find out is to try to get them to come to you. Property lines can be touchy hunting sometimes.
BTW welcome to the forum Mtturkey.
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Re: Mt turkey hunt advice

Postby turkey junky » February 19th, 2013, 1:30 pm

i would read as much on turkey hunting prior to the season as you can mtturkey as you may be a little green at this turkey hunting thing???

that is a winter flock you are seeing its every turkey in your area & surrounding area/habitat all wintering together to find food & roost trees plus there is safety in numbers those 250 birds WILL NOT ALL STAY ON THAT PRIVATE LAND ALL SPRING as soon as the weather gets nice & spring hits them birds will start to spread out in every direction except if there is like a sage flat or bad land type sand hills in a particular direction?

but they will spread out to the surrounding available habitat follow the hens they will be looking for nesting cover to raise a brood so you will need good nesting cover some woods creeks with some prairie type open grass areas & food if there is cattle around turkeys love cattle they flip cow pies & get bugs & there is usually water & feed nearby so turkeys learn that fast...

keep scouting the birds dont just think they will be there come spring as they may move merriams witch is the sub species you are hunting are known to migrate up to the high ponderosa pine hills once the weather warms up they will follow the snow line if your in mountains??? they will winter in low valleys & low laying ranches near cattle to get free food from the cattle operations & move up to there typical turkey habitat once spring hits...

as for your question here is the answer NO a single decoy will have very little to no effect on a flock of 250 turkeys on a bordering property not that 1 turkey wont come over for a look but odds are way against that happening for you... just stay with them birds pattern them like you would a deer/elk close to the season opener & set up wear you see birds on a regular basis & thats your best bet to tag a bird... you have to putt all the odds in your favor to score a long beard turkey & the more time you pattern them birds & figure out wear they like to roost the more info you have to use against them birds...

dont get me wrong that is a great starting area if they winter there there will most likely still be a few birds around come spring just not all 250 that may be better for you less eyes to bust you... lol

good luck & happy hunting welcome to the site as well

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