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Postby turkey junky » January 23rd, 2013, 2:03 pm

im just trying to keep things civil yelpnfol i see no need to make smart A** comments that will just cause probs... but if the shoe fits???

there was a comment about if you dont like killing hens then just dont do it... that wear the if you dont like the thread then dont post comment comes from... not your hen in the pot or rot on forest floor comment... that was not the purpose of the thread to say your wrong your write & if u dont like it shut up??? it was to get other view points & try to understand why SD is the odd duck with the killing hens in the spring... gopgherlongbeards gets it...

i have seen 2-3 bearded hens while out hunting & so i have had time to think about it also in the last 1-2 wks i have seen 4 people shoot a bearded hen on TV shows & i now know i would not shoot a bearded hen my-self even wear legal... i look at it like why shoot something so rare??? just to say you have done it B4??? but thats just me... its whom evers tag to waste on a hen...

& yes kygobbler i do think its more to do with $$$ then just not caring there is little to no turkeys in SE MT any longer...
but the NWTF regional biologist is in charge of SD,WY,MT & could very EZ set up a trap & transplant program they just did it the last 3 yrs in WY,SD but they did not transplant birds they just radio collerd the birds for a study & moved them threwout the WY,SD black hills... id assume if the did a little fund raising in MT they could raise some $$$ to transplant some birds but???

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Postby ylpnfol » January 23rd, 2013, 3:33 pm

my opinion is basically if you don't want to shoot a hen, then don't. i don't think that the sd game dept would allow the shooting of hens in spring unless they had surpassed the carrying capacity of a given area. being from the east, i personally have a hard time with too many turkeys, but i have never seen flocks of hundreds of birds, that i've read about on this forum. [ a flock of twenty or so is a huge flock around here ] so i guess too many turkeys is not out of the realm of possibility out west. so if they make it legal, and a hunter chooses to buy a tag, then so be it. Lord knows i've killed my share of hens in the fall, and i've had opportunities to shoot bearded hens in the spring, which i didn't, as they reproduce like their beardless sisters [ never had the opportunity in the fall ], my hunting philosophy is if it's legal, and i choose to take it [ and i called it up, in regards to turkeys ] i will....we are already regulated to death by the state.....if you knew how long it took me to type this, you might better understand my short posts.....:) piece

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