Ethics Test-Bowhunting

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J Hook Max
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby J Hook Max » March 1st, 2009, 8:19 am

Although I am personally against bowhunting turkeys,I think a good compromise would be to legalize it in western states and maybe in habitats of Rios and Merriams.The terrain would be more suited to recovery of the birds and the birds less way and easier to call into very close range.They are also more forgiving of movement which would make it easier to draw on them.I totally agree that even with magnum shotguns, one should limit their shots to 40 yards.I have hunted turkeys for 40 years.I have missed some and crippled some as well.Almost all of these were due to taking a poor shot,either too far or not having a clear shooting lane to the turkey.

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mark hay
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby mark hay » March 1st, 2009, 8:26 am

i seriously doubt there is a man or woman on this forum or anywhere else that would exercise ''HUNTING ETHICS '' , IF , IF they were part of the early colonists and pioneers. they were feeding families . the number of diehard woodsman were scarce then as compared to the general public .
i can see us being pushed back in time and being some of the best limb shooters in the land , with a BEDFORD COUNTY flintlock 40 cal. squirrel rifle.

on the bow ,,,there was a time when i didn't own a gun ,,,strictly recurve and hunted all yearlong ,,,everything that was legal . it's just a fact that i was a real good shot ,,,but i've lost a good many deer in 30 years and it does cause an ill feeling that lasts for days . it's also a fact that i make less mistakes with a gun than i do with the bow when it's time to take the shot at game.

the number of hunts left in this life ,,,for someone over 50,,,ain't near enough to suit me,and i want to get ALL i can from each hunt whether i tag the bird or not . the number of hunts where one could get the bow pulled and make an accurate shot , without a blind , are no doubt a lot fewer than than the ones where all falls into place .

sport hunting verses surviving ,,,there is a lot of difference there.

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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby icdedturkes » March 1st, 2009, 8:49 am

I have been asked by numerous people to take them hunting, OK fine, than they say they want to take there bow. RED FLAG. I tell them we will get seen, they say, no I will sit in a blind. I politely tell them thanks but not thanks. Not that I am against blinds, but they do not fit my style of hunting and would greatly detriment my way of putting birds on the ground.
I have no problem with people bowhunting turkeys. The only thing that gets under my skin, is the guys who pump there fist wildly in the air, and state "and I got him with a bow". IF a fellar draws back and smokes a bird with no blind, that guy has accomplished something. He has put himself in a position in which he has utilized the natural surroundings, brush, limbs, shadows etc etc to fool his quarrys main line of defense.
I truly believe a fellar with a bow in a blind is at no great disadvantage from a hunter with a shotgun and no blind.

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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby turkaholic » March 1st, 2009, 9:19 am

I hate to admit that I have had the displeasure of watching a big gobbler fly away with my arrow in him. On the other hand I have also head shot a few with archery equipment and they stayed put. I have always figured that I would take to bow hunting turkeys when I grew tired of shooting them with the gun, just as I have with deer hunting. That time has not yet come for me and probably never will. I have also watched a few gun shot birds go away with much disgust. If you have the talent to make the shot and are a good enough woodsman to not get caught drawing your bow, then have at it. You could screw up either way gun or bow. 
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby Limbhanger150 » March 1st, 2009, 9:27 am

I shot archery competively in Tennessee for years. We shot the tournaments on paper bales then the 2-D targets then the 3-D targets. We shot all kinds of animals, small and big game. I considered the turkey target (especially the 3-D one) one of the more challenging ones because of the anatomy and where the "ring" was located, and the relative size of the kill zone compared to the size of the bird. Also I might add, trying to draw on one without a blind is extremely difficult. At the range that most turkey are shot a bow can be used but the margin of error is high. I do like to hunt with a bow and have turkey hunted with a bow. I never have managed to get drawn without spooking the bird. I have never shot at a turkey during the archery deer season. I did once consider bowhunting for turkey from an elevated stand but never tried it. I do not have any problem with bowhunting turkey but I think it is a very difficult method.   

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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby dmcianfa » March 1st, 2009, 3:13 pm

You will not lose your bird if you encorporate a dog to track it after you make a shot.  The blunt force impact of an arrow is enough to kill the bird, albiet not immediately and they fly or run away very often.  That is one should take a bird dog and track your bird after shooting it.  I havn't lost a bird yet with a bow and arrow shot if it gets away by using my english setter!  Just some food for thought.
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby tinker » March 1st, 2009, 8:08 pm

 I hear a lot of beating on the "old-school-back-to-basics" drum here on this board and then I see all the negative feed-back on bow use.(!!???) Seems a little contradictory to me.
 I have shot turkeys with bow, I have guided and called for guys who use a bow. They are VERY efficient killing machines and I have never seen one lost. In fact, they have all gone down just as if they took a load of #4s to the face.
 We talk about handicapping ourselves with close ranges, single shots, no decoys, no blinds..yet we rule bows out as being "less than sporting"? I am at a loss.

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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby silvestris » March 2nd, 2009, 3:10 am

I have not and will not criticize a hunter who wishes to pursue the great bird with a bow.  I have only my personal opinion and experiences and that is what I base the following on.  I will not bowhunt turkeys for two reasons.  I don't feel competent to place a killing shot everytime on a gobbler, so I will not.

Secondly, long ago my best friend agonized for two weeks after crippling his favorite gobbler with a bow.  He is a fine bowhunter, just not good enough with that particular shot.  He hunted that turkey everyday until he finally was able to ambush him with his shotgun as the turkey returned to a brushpile to "roost" for the night.  To his knowledge the turkey never gobbled again, but survived with a high fever and maggots thriving in the arrow hole.  It was enough for him that he has never bowhunted them again and it was enough for me. 

How many hunters could and would sacrifice two weeks of his season to put their "friend" out of his misery.  I suspect that few bowhunters talk much about their misses.  To those who have killed with a bow consistently without crippling, my hat is off to you.  You are a better man than I.
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby grizzly » March 2nd, 2009, 4:05 am

when i haved tryed to bow hunt for turkeys i have'nt got pass the draw a friend says i wait to long and let them get to close i won't draw untill they're within 10 yards but then i will not draw on a deer thats over 25 i plan to keep trying with my bow i don't hunt with a blind so to me to call in a turkey and draw on him with out being seen is a great challenge to me and i only try with a bow in the fall season my dad never bow hunted but i live by his number 2 rule of hunting if  you are not sure you can put it down with your first shot dont shoot

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Cut N Run
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RE: Ethics Test-Bowhunting

Postby Cut N Run » March 2nd, 2009, 4:44 am

I've watched a lot of turkeys with a bow in my hand loaded with stone-tipped arrow (I'd made).  I wanted the experience of turkey hunting the way the ancient people did it. While my archery skills were good, they were no match to those of a native hunter who had no other weapons and had to depend on bowhunting to survive. My skill of drawing un-noticed by a turkey's eyes was also inferior.  The desire & motivation were there, execution was not. I never shot at a turkey with an arrow, but it was not for lack of trying.  I knew the arrow's range was extremely limited, so my archery turkey hunting encounters were usually very close (before I got busted attempting to draw).  Many times, the shot just never presented itself. All of the birds I considered bow shooting were in under 25 yards. I believe my lack of success, along with the frustration of my inability to draw undetected, matched with my fear of taking a bad shot is probably what brought my bowhunting for turkeys career to an end. Now, I can't even draw a bow, so harvesting a turkey with an arrow will never happen for me.
Luckily, shooting turkeys with something that throws a lethal cloud of lead at greater distances is fine with me.  I still am very selective about the shots I'll take because I love & respect Turkeys and enjoy hunting them too much. If a bowhunter is accurate enough to take a bird cleanly, I have no problem with them using that means to hunt. Close to where I live, there are some bowhunting-only public gamelands I used to hunt which are loaded with birds that largely go un-hunted.  They provided me with a good place to safely chase my dream and develop turkey hunting skills.
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