End to the Season

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End to the Season

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » November 14th, 2012, 10:17 am

I ended my 2012 Fall season yesterday, by taking a small jenny (a first for me). It was a beautiful afternoon to be in the woods, 36 degrees, calm winds and sunny. I was hunting the pine line where they useally roost in the oak trees on the end of it. I didn't go out until noon, because the last few mornings have been quiet with only one bird in the oaks, so I wanted to see if they left that area to regroup with birds for their winter flocks in the big woods over on the private land. I was sitting there watching two roosters run around at the edge of the grassy field, they were cackling and chasing each other around. At about 2:30 I hear that high pitched squeal from that goofy gobbler, and then a couple deep clucks. I grabbed my box call and gave him a gobble and then some keeyelps, and soon I hear him coming through the leaves. He came in from the marsh, to about 20 yds and was feeding, and looking around. Shortly later I hear some more deep clucks from the same area he came from. Two more gobblers topped the knoll and came down to feed with him. All were about the same size birds with about 7 to 8" beards. They all fed around in front of me for about a half hour, when a hen started yelping in the marsh. She came over the knoll with 8 young birds behind her, and behind them came 3 more hens without poults. As they all gathered they were all soft keeyelping and clucking. A couple of the poults started fightinng, and that got the gobblers attention. They went over to investigate and started deep clucking and purring, and bumping those young birds around. A great show to watch as dominance took it's place. As the birds started to move off into the oaks, I would start to keeyelp and whine and back they'd come. This went on for about an hour with 14 birds running around in front of me. I was starting to get cold and stiff from not being able to move or shift around in my seat. Finally one young bird broke away from the group and came closer, she was at 9 steps when I decited to end the season. At the shot the gobblers took off running, the hen busted and flew off and most of the poults flew up into the oaks and watched their friend flop around on the ground. As I stood up they all flushed and flew back the same way the hens did. As I gathered up my stuff the two roosters were cackling in the field again, too end (I think) a perfect season, There are still a few more tags available to buy, but I think I'm done for this year? With deer season starting Sat. and grouse and pheasant season still going, I may give the turkeys a break until Aprils youth hunt. The jenny I took was one of the smallest birds in the flock, which is what I wanted. That made a total of 6 birds for the 2012 seasons, and more fun than you can shake a stick at. Good luck to everybody else that is still out there after them wise old birds. :D

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Re: End to the Season

Postby Gopherlongbeards » November 14th, 2012, 8:15 pm

Sounds like a great day in the woods Scott :D I am done until December, won't have a chance to get out tomorrow, and will be busy after thanksgiving. If we don't have too much snow on the ground I'll probably be ready to get after them again.

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