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Postby greyghost » February 26th, 2009, 8:11 am

You guys are welcomed, I got that book from him at one of his shows in 86 or 87. To this day I am still trying to see his point of the fabeled strut zone. Told you I was slow, it took me 22 years to come up with what both of you have found so far in just one reading [:o] [:D]. I have tried seeing a couple of his points in the book again for the last 22 years since being at the seminar and getting his booklet and others that write about it today. What I observed prior to 86  and today was not exactly what he and others are refering to as 'strut zones' per say.
I will let you all digest it a little more and compare notes.
It is food for thought and the mystique (meaning) of turkey hunting.


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