Fall is moving right along

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Fall is moving right along

Postby Gopherlongbeards » October 20th, 2012, 5:11 pm

Well that spell of cold weather last week (low's in the 20's for a couple nights in a row) seems to have bumped the flocks I've been hunting into different patterns. They've abandoned the pastures they were frequenting, and the associated nearby roosts. They've also been very quiet recently, I know they're still around as I keep finding fresh scratchings and sign, but I haven't heard any birds or had any responses the past 2 times out. I have a feeling they've moved into the corn fields, and today while hunting I found a couple roost sites that had been recently used near standing corn. I took a little walk through the corn and found several areas trampled down by deer that were full of turkey droppings, but no birds seen or heard. I'm sure they're feeding in the corn, and will try one of these new roost sites the next time I'm out. (I have yet to set up on a roost that actually has birds on it in the morning, sometimes i swear the turkeys have a contact in my house letting them know which one I'll be sitting at...). Anyone else seeing changes in feeding locations? Once the corn comes out it should get easier, will at least be able to glass birds in the evening feeding and see which roost they're heading towards.

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mark hay
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Re: Fall is moving right along

Postby mark hay » October 22nd, 2012, 4:37 pm

Here in southern ohio there is no shortage of food ,,,in any direction . The nut crop is outstanding . Grasshoppers are still around . Crops are being picked and a lot still standing .
It has been hard to find any sign here . But , I expect that to change with the falling of the leaves , forcing them to do more scratching rather than just walking along picking up what they want without disturbing anything .
It's going to be near 80 here this week . I suspect that'll keep them close to the shade .


charlie elk
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Re: Fall is moving right along

Postby charlie elk » October 23rd, 2012, 11:52 am

The flocks are starting to form. This means that the turkeys may have left an area to join up with another group somewhere else and this new group can be miles away. WI turkeys are very wide ranging this time of year as they form up their winter flocks. The good news is once you find these flocks you are into more turkeys. Hens in these forming flocks are going to be fighting each other in order to establish pecking order. Some readjustment in calling strategies might be in order.

Happy hunting.
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