Duck Dynasty not doing any favours!!

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Re: Duck Dynasty not doing any favours!!

Postby El Pavo Grande » August 4th, 2012, 2:27 pm

I saw it and it was nothing more than a staged hunt. It is not a true representation of turkey hunting for sure. But, I do like the show in general and it is like any other reality show....about 5% reality. It's about entertainment. Duck Dynasty, along with other shows, such as Swamp People, is geared towards entertaining people that have no idea of such lifestyles or hunting. Half the stuff they say, I shake my head and laugh about the countless number of people that probably hang on every word as truth. Either way, I find those shows entertaining and will continue to watch. I don't think they necessarily are detrimental to hunting, other than if we that actually hunt are teaching our kids that all they see on hunting and entertainment shows is true.

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Re: Duck Dynasty not doing any favours!!

Postby stankyolgobbler » September 21st, 2012, 2:12 am

Finally saw the episode and in case anyone cares...after easy observation, those are scraggily ol farm birds. From the first gobbles you hear on the episode they sound like a jake merriam...which is puzzling seeing how they are in eastern territory. (That is if none of the gobbles weren't dubbed in anyway) It is easy to tell from the snoods and waddles of the birds and from the frayed and unkept feathers that they are farm birds. Staged hunt. Yall know they couldnt get it done like us anyway!!!!
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