Fall Free-For-All

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Re: Fall Free-For-All

Postby turkey junky » August 15th, 2012, 12:47 pm

for any of us that ruffed grouse hunt we know that it can be dangerous if there are other groups in your area other then your own & to just start blasting away at flushed birds is dangerous that goes for turkey or grouse in thick dence woods i just dont think drives/pushes are really neccesary in hunting they are very dangerous no matter what game they are used to harvest but to be honest that style of KILLING something takes very little effort on the gunners end & in my eyes & a few states is un-ethical to do so to harvest game & its more about the kill then the hunt when you start doing DRIVES... driveing game is really not hunting the game if you think on it its scareing them wear u want them to be killed??? i mean cave men & indians back in the day didnt have new age rifles shot guns & trucks to tow there kill around so if they did drives pushes & what not to kill game thats fair chase but nowdays thats just lazy hunting.... most if not all the deer camps around wear i hunt deer in MN that do deer drives or pushes the guys are all wk-end warriors & only up there to kill a deer cuz they wasted there money on a tag they wear there blue jeans out in the woods & except for the blaze orange vest the wear they look like they are going to a mall??? to me that is just plane lazy deer hunting they all take turns posting & give n hell to any poster that misses a deer & most the time 1-2 guys kill all there deer for them so to me i want to distance my-self as far away from that kind of hunter as possible... i like to hunt the game im after not just push em to a area to be killed so i tend to like to still hunt around the woods & or call & rattle to try & make something happen for my-self rather then just push n a woods & basicly just stink n up the woods for every other hunter that comes after & trying to kill every deer/animal in that woods... i also dont like the store baught deer in high fence areas with there own seasons i dont want to be assoseated with that style of hunting because that dose give anti hunters all they ammo they need to call hunting un-ethical & cruel & what not... i mean a lot of these new age high fence areas are just sickening they artificaly breed these deer to have 200+ inch antlers grow them for clients then open the pen up 1 day & let somebody kill that deer for $$$ that is not hunting... sorry to say...

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Re: Fall Free-For-All

Postby putt » August 27th, 2012, 2:50 pm

I'm just getting back to do some serious reading of this forum, & noticed that you changed your avatar pic, Charlie. I assume that's Vic on the left. Good that he finally got included.

I hesitate a bit to add a new post to reactivate this thread, in view of some of the previous posts. Looks like some were even deleted before I read them.

But I do want to thank you for your initial writing, Charlie, & tell you that I felt very much the same when I read the article.

charlie elk
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Re: Fall Free-For-All

Postby charlie elk » August 29th, 2012, 7:29 pm

putt wrote:noticed that you changed your avatar pic, Charlie. I assume that's Vic on the left. Good that he finally got included.
Yep that would be him and me. :lol: figured if I used an avatar like that everyone would know Vic is the serious one and I'm just a Smurfing along poesy sniffer. :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is a discussion we should have, some think it "tears hunters apart", "don't impose your ethics on me" , "ruins this fine forum" or some version of these. :?
Which would have more impact on the public's perception of turkey hunters-
Seeing a group of turkey hunters lined up doing a turkey drive to pre-stationed hunters pass shooting turkeys or us writing about our feelings on this blog?
Seeing a group of turkey hunters with dogs flushing turkeys towards blockers who shoot at flying turkeys or us writing about our feelings about the subject on this blog?
A turkey hunter is setup calling to an incoming yammering gobbler and the above "hunters" hear the gobbler and come in to drive the gobbler to their buddies?
Last spring a young turkey hunter told me his story: he was setup on ridge calling to a gobbler for less than an hour, he became frustrated and text-ed a message to this buddies for help. They surrounded end of the ridge and pushed the gobbler up for him to shoot. In WI he did nothing illegal so all is fine and I should not have pointed out to them that they took a shortcut and missed out on the best part turkey hunting has to offer? :(

The reference to Iowa's ban on horses for turkey hunting in the T&TH article about stupid game laws came about because a group of turkey hunters mounted horses and coursed across fields flushing turkeys over and over until they were too tired to fly anymore, then killed the ones they wanted. It was not illegal so all is fine? Iowa then made it illegal. If we don't honor the second rule book as Mr. Carpenter refers to it then every step we take as hunters will end up scripted out the legal rule book.
Do we really want that?? :(
If you agree with me call it fact; if you disagree - call it my opinion.
After all - we are talking turkey.


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