so close...

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Re: so close...

Postby Moore » May 2nd, 2012, 9:35 am

you still propbally could if they your using a bow.

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Re: so close...

Postby dewey » May 2nd, 2012, 9:40 am

Gopherlongbeards wrote:I come to find out this morning that the farm my dad had gotten permission for us to hunt (and has been watching 4 strutters at since early March) was recently annexed into the city. Long story short, hunting is now illegal there. So, we're going to have to find someplace else to hunt on real short notice. Going in blind with only 2 days to get the job done, suddenly this weekend trip to sconnie isn't looking so promising anymore.

I am not familiar with the annexation process but what is the annexation effective date? If the annexation doesn't go into effect right away then you may still be able to hunt there. I think a cal to city hall asking about when parcel XXX is officially annexed into the city limits might clarify the situation for you. If you find good news I would make sue you get the name of the person you talked to as a good way to cover your butt. If the city has their meeting minutes online you might be able to find it there.

Hope this helps and good luck in WI.

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Re: so close...

Postby turkey junky » May 5th, 2012, 9:26 am

im with you gopher SE MN turkey hunting blew chunks for me again this season them damn morel mushroom hunters had the birds on high alert all season!!! & not talking much at all the MN hunt was my least FUN hunt of all yet this season!!! the last 3 yrs in SE MN have not been fun for me at all i really could care less at this point if i hunt MN next season i have way more fun hunting out of state & FUN is really all that matters to me!!! i can have FUN on a hunt wear birds are gobbleing & answering calls & so on even if i dont tag a bird!!! these MN birds are NO FUN FOR ME!!! GIVE ME WESTERN WHITE FEATHERED TURKEYS 4 PURE FUN HUNTING!!!

so happy i went to wisconsin better trout fishing more drift-less region to explore more liberal seasons & ability to buy tags im seriously think n of abandoning SE MN to hunt SW WI!!!???

the only thing i can say BAD is about the folks in wisconsin i have never seen such rude mean looking people any wear else in the country from FL to TX i mean nobody waves at you when you drive by??? they all just stare at you like who the hell are you & why are you on my road!!!??? i mean it!!! i waved at a county sheriff as he drove by mean mug n me & my father & he just gave me the stink eye!!! i had to say out loud as he drove by " man even the F****** sheriffs are un-friendly around here"!!! he just slowed down mean mugged some more & keep on going what a jerk!!! they also dont really mark there state land boundaries at all!!!??? or really obay the laws on public land i found a pop up blind left by somebody just on public land across from a private peace of land i assume it was the private land owner doing this as he had a ladder stand in a tree that was growing from public land into private land & he had left the stand in the tree also witch you can not leave deer stands on public land in WI... the blind was there for at least 2 wks at the time i found it... there was 1 town i was at that was nice & friendly like im used to in MN,KS,NE,OK & they had turkeys i will be back!!!


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