Returning Members: How to Log in for the First Time

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Returning Members: How to Log in for the First Time

Postby Ben Sobieck » August 17th, 2011, 12:34 pm

You may not have turkey hunting on your mind (or then again, maybe you're getting ready for the fall hunt), so we thought this was the perfect time to migrate and improve our website and forum at Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine.

So take a few moments please and check out our new sites, and also you'll need to reset your password on the forum (passwords are encrypted for your security, so we couldn't copy them), so here are your instructions.

* Go to the Password Reset page on the forum here.
* Enter your email address (the one you received this email on) and hit Get New Password.
* You will receive an email from our new forum; click on the bottom link to follow the Password-Reset instructions.
* After you've reset your password, go back to the forum login page and log in right away to confirm that worked.

You should check your Profile in the forum right away too; for instance, you may need to re-enter your birthday. Some Profile items transferred; some did not. Here's a link for that, after you've reset your password and are logged in: Profile Settings.

Trust us, the above is simpler than it sounds, it's just a 20-second password reset. Please let us know on the new Forum if there are any problems, or procedures you need help with.

Also visit our new site, Your username/password to comment on our blogs is the same as your Forum username/password.

Happy Hunting this fall, and again, let us know what you think of the new website and forum. They were built for you, so we want them to be all you need to improve your turkey hunting success.

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