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Love this forum

Postby ticklishtompro » December 2nd, 2012, 11:31 pm

I just had to say to all the members on this forum how much I enjoy it. There is a lot of knowledge and good opinions on here, even though we don't always agree. I mention this because I tried getting involved in the Deer & Deer Hunting forum and was dissapointed. I couldn't believe the rude and disrespectful comments on there. If you don't agree with someone, fine, that is what makes the world go round. But on there people just degrade and put people down if they don't agree with there comments. Just sad that people that have a common interest can't even respectfully disagree. I noticed most of it is between the hardcore bow hunters and the gun hunters. I guess on here we are just all TURKEY hunters. Thank you all for making this a daily thing to check out the forum, and keep up the good stuff.

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Re: Love this forum

Postby kygobbler » December 3rd, 2012, 1:38 am

Tick, I couldn't agree with you more because I was thinking the exact same thing just the other day. I went to a predator forum to try and educate myself a little more about coyote hunting. Man I couldn't believe how some people would get upset and start name calling and everything else.

I really enjoy how everybody gets along and agrees to disagree. So I would like to tip my hat also. Thank you everybody.
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Re: Love this forum

Postby grizzly » December 3rd, 2012, 4:53 am

Randy i have to agree with you . i've been here for awhile and the guys here are great and even when we don't agree it gives the new guys to turkey hunting a look at both sides and decide which is good for them . i do get Deer and Deer hunting magazine which i feel is full of good advice but for the most part the deer hunting world has been taken over by QDM while i think manging ones land to maxasize it's game holding qualty but i feel that to many of these guys only careing about how big their antlers get . i know i have had enough when i see a [hunter] shoot it a wonderful 7 point whitetail and turn around and say that's just a cull deer.....wayne

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Re: Love this forum

Postby Treerooster » December 3rd, 2012, 9:19 pm

I too enjoy this forum.

I love to talk about turkey hunting and hunting in general and learn new things along with sharing ideas.

I think a good forum needs two key ingredients to be that way, good people and good moderation. So thanks out to Brian Lovett for being a good moderator.

I have seen forums that tend to argue a lot, even about non-huntign things. I think bickering and name calling can drive away some good people/hunters. Nothing wrong with discussion though and there are some good ones on here.
As far as this turkey thing......I know know enough...that I don't know enough

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