pure gold tempest/federal mag-shok hwt.

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pure gold tempest/federal mag-shok hwt.

Postby fearPAbeard » May 29th, 2012, 7:08 pm

Hello fellow turkey hunters from around this great nation! I'm brand new to the forum and look forward to sharing stories/tactics/advise with all of you! Here is my question: I've been researching loads/shot sizes & choke combos etc., for my Browning Silver. I see that the pure gold tempest tky choke is specifically engineered for the federal flight control wad. I plan on purchasing one of these chokes and was wondering if anyone has used this particular choke with the flight control wad? Also, I was wondering what federal heavyweight shot size/choke constriction performs best with this combo? Ideally, I would like to use 3.5 in. 1& 7/8oz. #5....has anyone had success with smaller sized hwt. shot?...#6 or #7? I've been on the pure gold choke website and see that .670 constriction is recommended for larger shot sizes(#4 & #5) and .660 is recommended fro the smaller(I'm guessing #6 & #7). Does any one think that I could shoot #6 federal hwt. through the .670? I anticipate all of your insights into my question. Thank you!

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