Another succesful spring in ontario

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Another succesful spring in ontario

Postby perrysbirds » June 26th, 2013, 9:07 am

Well folks it was another great spring up here in Ontario....
I had tons of fun and managed to tag out with a couple of longbeards...
Also took some friends out and called some birds to their barrells...
Even took out a newbie for his first bird ever...
Anyways this was my second bird of the was a favorite spot of mine over the past five or six years so I didnt see any during my scouting but one morning in May it was a last min thing to try a run and gun type of hunt and boom it all happened real fast...
Ive been to SD and Wyoming and killed a bird in both states last year so I have now booked my hunt with a gentleman in Florida for next March to go after the third part of my Slam..

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