Wisconsin Turkey Slam

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Wisconsin Turkey Slam

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » August 31st, 2013, 10:17 am

For anyone thinking of trying for a Wisconsin Wild Turkey Slam. You need to take a bird in each of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Some of the seasons are short (summer-winter), and some are quite long (spring-fall), but it can be done.
Wisconsin is one of the few states that you can take a birds in all four seasons of the year.
Good Luck to everyone successful in trying it.

Spring...3/20/13 through 6/20/13
Summer...6/21/13 through 9/21/13
Fall...9/22/13 through 12/20/13
Winter...12/21/13 though 3/19/14

charlie elk
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Re: Wisconsin Turkey Slam

Postby charlie elk » September 2nd, 2013, 9:46 pm

This is a blast, I posted about it here.

charlie elk wrote:You can try for what I call the Annual Wisconsin Slam-- WI has a turkey season during all 4 seasons.
It is summer until Sept 21 that means you have 8 days to kill a summer turkey.
Fall turkey is from 9/22 to 12/20
Winter turkey is from 12/21 to 12/31
Then of course there is the 6 week spring season.
Kill a turkey during each season you have Wisconsin Slammed. Kill one on New Year's Eve for bonus points. Sorry there are no record books to record the feat, no awards and no headlines just the personal satisfaction knowing you are a complete year round turkey hunter.

Trust me on this, each of those seasons offer its own set of challenges which spring only turkey hunters refuse to accept. ;) Welcome to the rarified club of turkey addicts.

We need to keep pushing this WI Slam idea; wait; but then tags might become in short supply...

I've WI Slammed the last several years.
If you agree with me call it fact; if you disagree - call it my opinion.
After all - we are talking turkey.

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