Road Trip

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Road Trip

Postby WillowRidgeCalls » April 21st, 2013, 3:25 pm

We went for a road trip friday up to the camp to get it opened up, cleaned up and look the hunting spots over to see what we could see for bird sign around the publics what we hunt for the T&TH Hunt. We walked back in to a few different publics, turkey sign all over, but very little hunter sign, don't look like many hunters been out much with the bad spring weather we been having. We stopped for lunch at Subway and there where about 9 other hunters in there, so I was talking to them to see what they been seeing or hearing. One group of 4 were hunting on private and the other 5 guys were hunting publics, 2 on one and 3 on another. The guys on private hadn't seen a bird yet and they said they've heard very little gobbling, only on the roost, nothing on the ground. Both sets of guys on the publics said they heard quite a bit of gobbling both on the roost and off. The 2 guys had a bird working in that busted them and took off. The guys on the publics have all had birds working, but nothing to show for it yet? The birds we saw were still in groups, there was one bunch that had about 8/9 hens being followed by 3 longbeards behind them and 3 jakes standing off watching at about 60 yards. Another spot we stopped(that me, Scoot, Jeff hunted) and walked back in the field road, we got about half way in to the hayfield and a hen stepped out of the thick pines onto the road with a longbeard behind her, as soon as he hit the road he went into strut. They were about 70 yards in front of us, when she finally seen us she ran back into the thick pines and he followed. Using what the hunters told us and seeing what we saw the birds doing ( still trailing hens), I'd be out there doing quite a bit of calling, mixing up as many different calls as possible, and not using the normal soft calling in the afternoons, being a little more aggressive and mixing in quite a few kee kees as long as the birds are still grouped together, adding a few gobbles every now and then. The guys on the publics are getting a lot more responces than the guys on private which tells me the birds are hearing a lot more calls and are responding better?
We saw a total of 9 longbeards and 3 groups of jakes, quite a few hens just from the 5 spots we stopped at on our road trip.

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Re: Road Trip

Postby charlie elk » April 21st, 2013, 3:55 pm

WillowRidgeCalls wrote:The guys on the publics are getting a lot more responces than the guys on private which tells me the birds are hearing a lot more calls and are responding better?

Not sure about the amount of calling the public land birds are hearing; from my experience, on average public lands are holding more birds than private. I think this may be due to the habitat being better on public land during harsh conditions. You right about doing aggressive calling the hunters doing it are getting gobs in those who are being tentative not so much.

Vic and I have been out scouting this weekend. Hunters we ran into leaving said there were no turkeys because nothing was answering their calls and no morning gobbling. As we moved through the areas I called on an old Turpin and got enough answering turkeys to get me back there on Wednesday.
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Re: Road Trip

Postby Gopherlongbeards » April 21st, 2013, 5:06 pm

I took a little drive around unit 4 yesterday and saw a similar story. Lots of bigger flocks with multiple strutters out in fields, long beards following groups of hens around strutting, and very little gobbling. I did find a couple birds that look killable judging by where they are roosting/strutting. I know where I will be Wednesday AM.

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