Early Success

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Early Success

Postby jekemi2005 » April 30th, 2009, 4:06 am

On the third morning of the new Turkey season, 2009 I managed to shoot this Tom as he and his buddy were runnng towards us after hearing our calls. We called for about 45 minutes and got return gobbles but after about 30 minutes the responses stopped. We were just about to go to a new area when my hunting buddy said, "There they are, get down." I took a bead on the lead Tom and stopped him in his tracks.

The following Tom, who was about 10 feet behind the first, didn't quite know what to do. But by the time my buddy got his gun up to aim, the Tom had taken flight. We followed him for a little while but I was too excited to focus and returned to my downed Tom. 22 lbs, 8 inch beard, 3/4 inch spurs. The whole family enjoyed the Tom the following Sunday for dinner. Thanksgiving in April.


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