Henderson Co. Longbeard baptised with buckshot

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Henderson Co. Longbeard baptised with buckshot

Postby hoosierhunter » April 14th, 2009, 8:19 am

What an Easter Sunday ! I was fortunate enough to kill a 23.5 lb Tom with a 11.75 " beard and 1" spurs, after a wonderful hunt. It was a clear morning and the Gobblers were Gobbling, which was a change over the prior 2 days, given the bad weather that past through the state on Friday. We had to set up on him 3 times as he at first wasn't willing to come to us. He kept Gobbling though, and that allowed us to keep track of him. Finally he found a place he wanted to stay a while at, and we, the property owner and cameraman, were able to get within a 100 yds of him. I set 2 mounted hens on a green loggin road he was using to strut on, and we slipped back in the brush. I got his attention with some very light purrs and yelps from a Hoosier Hunter Slate, may be 3 seconds of calling, he double gobbled. I scratched the leaves 4 times, he gobbled. Here he come gobblin and stuttin. I scratched the leaves a few more times, and then got ready on the gun. I was really anxoius to se his reaction to the mounted hens once he saw them. I could have shot him several times before he saw the hens, but I wanted to see his reaction to real mounted turkey decoys, as he had walked away from foam dekes and a strutter the week before. When he seen them his blue and red head flashed solid White, like turning on a halogen lite, and he began to speed up. I clucked with my Gobbstopper mouth call, He stopped, and He died. 2 Tn. Longbeards down!

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