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Test Post

Postby Grey Wolf » May 19th, 2009, 5:54 am

I shot my first Spring NH bird on opening day. I have shot one last fall with my bow incidental to deer hunting and one in Maine last spring but this is my first in NH bird during the spring. I worked in on some gobbling to within 75 yards or so and set out a couple hen decoys in a wood cutting. A couple clucks on the slate got them worked up. I didn't over call them and I went silent for a bit. I could start to hear them working in through the dry leaves. 4 Jakes popped up and milled around the first decoy. I held off hoping a gobbler was in toe. As they were moving to check out the second decoy, I waited until they separated a bit and rolled the first one that cleared. I've got a new born at home so not a lot of time for me to be out there this year. I hit him at 20 yards with #5 HeviShot 3", 2 oz. and my re-vamped Remington 870 Exp Mag with a new Shur Shot stock I added this year along with the 23" Turkey Barrel.
Here is the setup:
Here is the results:

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